10 Reasons To Include More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

Why eat more fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and they keep you energized throughout. You might already know these reasons but we are going to speak about few more important points on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet.

Fruits form the major bit of my daily morning breakfast. Fruits and vegetables come from plants and are the most natural resources of food for humans. Also that we have been eating them for a very long time now. Many of us call fruits as “Nature’s fast food” because they are very easily available to us an are portable too.

However, on the contrary, in the past few years, many people have challenged the belief about the health benefits and effects of fruits. The main reason for such notion was about the high sugar content in fruits as compared to vegetables or whole foods. Yes, we agree sugar is bad but only for few cases and in extra quantities. The added sugar is harmful to health and it is because it affects the metabolism of the body when consumed in large amounts. But believing that added sugar is not good for health and hence fruits aren’t - is an absolute baseless argument.

We know this is completely wrong and since fructose overdosage is bad for humans, it is almost impossible for such a situation to occur by eating only fruits.


1. Fruits and Vegetables are nutritious and delicious too!

2. They are fun to eat. The textures vary from crunchy fruits to some squirt vegetables and some you need to peel. Few of them even grow in your backyard and easily available.

3. You have umpteen variety of both fruits and vegetables to enjoy. There is always something new to try.

4. They are quick and natural snacks! Nature's treat for mankind which is very easy to grab for a quick snack.

5. Low in calories. Isn’t this the most important bit? They are naturally low in calorie and help you to keep fir not just outside but also from within.


6. Reduce the risk of diseases. The fruits and vegetables have enough natural nutrients and minerals to help you keep the diseases at bay! Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may help to reduce the risk of many diseases including heart diseases, some cancers, high blood pressure and many more.

7. Eating fruits and vegetables is convenient: Fruits and vegetables are nutritious in any form. You can have them fresh from the plant or frozen or canned, and even dried. They are ready to benefit you when you are!

8. Amazing color and texture on your pate. Fruits and vegetables come in the variety of colors and make your plate appealing! Makes you want more when you see it.

9. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber content. The more the fiber for your body, better is the digestion and health. The fiber provided by fruits and vegetables helps you to fill your stomach and keeps your digestive system happy and clean.

10. Vitamins and minerals which are in abundance in fruits and vegetables help you to feel healthier and energized which is why it is very important to include in your daily diet.

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