Top 10 great books for your toddler

Reading to children is an activity that has life long impacts on a child. It aids linguistic and speech development in addition to some really wonderful cognitive skills early on in life. A child who is read to daily lives to be an intelligent and emotionally more controlled individual. Reading as a matter of fact is an activity which is believed to be the most pleasing and intriguing of all. And if an infant or a toddler is read aloud each day, they begin exploring their own selves and spaces around in ways unimaginable.

From times immemorial parents and grandparents have been reading to the kids in their household, and its not just a tradition which we must continue further but also the most important habit you can gift your child. A child who is read to will develop the habit of reading and find great comfort in reading books. They will not just be aware of the stories they listen but also be aware of life and things around in a more intellectual way. If there is anything great and lifelong you wish to do, then its the habit of reading that you must aspire to establish in your kids.

Some wonderful books for babies under two years:

The below books for toddler are not just any read but a well structured and believed to be inspiring one from years. These 10 great books for your toddler are a must read from as early as birth. These are truly insightful, inspiring and involving for toddlers. These books for toddlers include:

- Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown:


Probably the most read book from decades. The classic goodnight moon is a classic American pictorial book written by Margaret Wise Brown in the later 1940’s. It features a cute bunny saying goodnight to everyone and everything around. A classic and rhythmic compilation from the North America this book has been emphasizing the ritual of saying goodnight to everyone around. Even the inanimate as well as non living objects in the Bunny’s room. A realistic story with popularity of a fairy tale this book is a first book read for toddlers

2- The very hungry caterpillar board book by Eric Carle:

The very hungry caterpillar is a pictorial book published first in 1969. It features how the caterpillar eats everything before pupating into a butterfly. Described as one of the greatest childhood classic with over 30 million copies sold worldwide, has simple text and collages on page with holes where caterpillar eats. It highlights counting, days of the week, life stages of a butterfly and foods it eats. It grows from a hungry caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly with a diet which may not scientifically correct

3- Moo, Baa, La la la by by Sandra Boynton:

Moo, Baa, La la la by by Sandra Boynton is a picture book. It is all about animals and what sounds they make. Children not just learn the rhythm but also how to speak them out too. One of the US’ best selling picture books it is great for early years and also school years to learn what sounds are made by which animals.

4- Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathman:

Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathman is all about zoo. A bedtime story about being at a zoo, and which animal looks what. Also bidding them goodnight. Behind the zookeepers back who gets the last laugh. A must read for toddlers below 2 as their love for nature and animals can grow further with this wonderful and classic piece of art

5- Chicka Chicka ABC by Bill Martin Jr:


Chicka Chicka boom boom ABC by Bill Martin Jr is best selling children’s book in the US. The 26 lower case letters climb the tree and the tree gets heavy, that’s when these letters begin to fall. And the uppercase letters then come ahead to help their old relatives. Then it describes the injury each letter undergoes. It goes on in a rhythmic format with scat singing like jazz vocal improvisation technique.

6- Pat The bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt:

Pat The bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is a touch and feel book for toddlers published first in 1940. Its a collection of some really fun things to do like part the fur of rabbit on one page and feel the sandpaper on another depicting daddy’s scratchy face. A sensory book with more of touch and interactive elements. Its more of a playful and engaging experience for children than anything else

7- Mr Brown can Moo! Can you? By Dr Seuss:

Mr Brown can Moo! Can you? By Dr Seuss is a wonderful compilation on noises and sounds of animals and other objects. Its captivating and catchy for kids as well as parents. How Mr Brown can make the sounds of each of them and illustrating it with examples too. This not just builds up on linguistic skills but also learning on animal sounds and other object noises too

8- One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish by Dr Seuss:

One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish by Dr Seuss is a simple rhyming book for toddlers. Two pilots Jay and Kay and their journey with these wonderful creatures as their friends. Its a lot more than just rhyming as it has inspired the Islands of Adventure in Seuss Landing area of the Universals theme park in the US.

9- Five little monkeys jumping on the bed by Eileen Christelow:


Five little monkeys jumping on the bed by Eileen Christelow is supposedly the most exciting of all children’s reads. Its about the backward counting basics, and how after mommy monkey bids goodnight the baby monkey’s start jumping on the bed and begin falling one by one. It has a lot of actions in addition to the read and thus ensures a playful read for toddlers under 2

10- Turtle wish by Murielle Cyr:

Turtle wish by Murielle Cyr is a magical children’s book. How Hatchling bursts out of her shell and how she must go to food and safety among sibling bombardments. Dangerous situations with strangers and still how she trusts them to ensure safety with some downfalls too. Its a good insightful book for toddlers


The above compilation on books for babies under 2 years is to share how joyous and enjoyable these great classics are. Reading must be a regular and most important habit when it comes to spending quality time with your kids. Be sure to instill this great habit in your kids and help them be a better version of their self. Read these books for toddler daily for a more enriched parent-child bond.

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