Using Phone While Breastfeeding – It is a mistake

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A mother never misses even a single subtle clue about their newborn’s wellbeing. So why we are ignorant about this simplest thing and still using mobile phones while breastfeeding? Let’s be honest, we all have done that and also think it is really okay to do so, but you know what? - It is a mistake!

We live in a world and know things but more than that we are distracted. Ever heard of the term “Brexting”? Yes, I was equally unaware of this term until I found out that this is a term which is more commonly used across internet now to shame the mothers who breastfeed and browse her phone! The blending of the word breastfeed and texting is Brexting which is basically hampering the bond of a mother and child. Another amusing term in the parenting world that popped up was “Brelfie” which is also trending all over the internet, but mothers take pride in it. It means taking a breastfeeding selfie – seriously?! And to my surprise, I found one more terms called “Brestflixing” – a term for watching Netflix while breastfeeding. I am sure while there are people out there trying to trend new words and make it a fad, we honestly have forgotten the meaning of nursing the baby!


Nursing is the time and comfort that you give to your baby when you are expected to do nothing else but bond with the little one. It is a miraculous time to be cherished when you are just meant to feed your baby with love and affection and more importantly relax and meditate. For a lot of us relaxing means catching up with our Facebook messages and feeds or Instagram pictures or even playing a game on the mobile phone while breastfeeding or browsing internet for information! Don’t you realize the little one is gazing at you with all the love and warmth but to just realize they are being ignored? It is said that when babies are born, their vision is just from the breast to the mother’s face.


DO NOT DO IT. Not while you are breastfeeding at least. Even if you are actually doing it right now while reading this – we request you to please stop and come back later for the sake of your baby’s good health.

Your baby needs constant interaction as their little brain is learning, constantly learning! And do you want to take a guess what is the other thing that the baby is constantly getting when you uses mobile phone while breastfeeding? The radiations from your cell phone which is unhealthy for the little one! Trust us, it is not worth it. Even though research has come up varying and inconclusive results, there are apprehensions that the non-ionizing radiation that cell phones emit might possible be the cancer-causing carcinogen. This absolutely doesn’t mean you go anti-technology, but how about hardly half an hour of your day when you might just want to put your cell away from you to spend some time with your baby? Yes, we can understand the initial days are over exhaustive for the mums to feed the baby every 3 hours. Especially for the busy working mums who would to just to utilize that time when they are feeding their little one with the life-saving milk, to prove that they are on top of each email, or keeping up their knowledge repository by reading and prove that they are the best moms?

We surely do not mean that breast-feeding is an overhead task to do but while nursing the little one; it is the greatest joy of the life to do! You must feel it and spend every bit of it possible before the joy just fades like a distant memory!

Reasons Why We Should Not Use Mobile Phone While Breastfeeding:

1. Losing your Precious Time! Your baby is growing every single day. Every day the baby grows little bigger, stronger and smarter. There will soon be a time when the baby does not stare into your eyes happily for minutes! Rather, let the baby soak into your love and let the little one know how precious they are for you and the hard work you had to have them. Which in other case, might go unaware when the moms use mobile phones while breastfeeding. You surely are missing this gifted time which you are busy playing candy crush on your phone!


2. Interaction with your Baby: Babies learn by interaction. While you feed your baby, your face is in the apt distance for the baby to focus and look at you. You are the most important person in the world for the baby and they learn everything about you. They love the way you look at them, your smile, your laugh, your smell and your voice. You are indeed teaching your kid to pay attention and strengthening your bond.

3. Pay Attention to the Pattern: When the baby has your attention you will undoubtedly notice their nursing pattern, if they are struggling to take milk down or uncomfortable with the position or maybe want a burp in between. Does the baby doze off in 5 minutes of feeding without filling the little tummy? And might need you to wake them up by maybe tickling their tiny toes, or blowing on their hair. These things must not go unnoticed especially when you are involved in your own social world on the Facebook!


4. Cell Phone Radiations: We already spoke about this in the beginning of the article that the cell phones or tabs are dangerous for babies as they emit microwave radiations. The closer the baby is the more they absorb! The intermittent radiations can damage the brain cells causing cancer and other serious problems and diseases. Mainly it also can harm the baby’s DNA structure. You might already be aware that the adults are suggested to keep the cell phone 8 inches away from their head, and the infant actually absorbs 10 times more radiations than an adult. What do you think would be a safe distance for the kids in this case? This is not worth risking. Your phone will be there later too but not your baby’s good health!

Tell us what’s your favorite thing to do when you are nursing, comment and tell us about it. Please share and help the other mother’s too.

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