10 Best games to play with teens

Summer is full of fun and frolic. And when the vacation begins, its challenging to keep your kids enriched and entertained. So we have a list of 10 best games to play with teens to help you plan an interesting and exciting day for your teenage kids. There are some the best games to play with teens. Remember no one game fits all, so keep looking our for more and more creative ways to it.

Best Games to Play with Teens:

Keeping the teens entertained is a task, and all their energies must be driven positively. So it is important to drive them into some really interesting and intellectual games. Some such options are:


Indoor games for teens:

Indoor games for the times when weather is not great outside or late night hours. Most for the time teens are glued to their tablets or TV sets. It is therefore important to have some wonderful and enriching exercises planned for them at home. These include:

1- Art and craft: Making your own art and craft is a favorite DIY stuff for teens. Make your own room style, tailored to your own needs and preferences. Add colors, glues, strings and beads to make it all glittery. These are and craft projects are specially for the young teens who love being creative and innovative.

Some of these are

  • Zentangles:These just need black and white colors, not special art supply. These are some marvelous art projects for your teens.
  • Make bowls from rolled magazines: there are ample videos and sites where your teens can get tutorials on how to proceed. A very interesting way f or recycling the waste magazine papers.
  • Pattern tape wall art: An exquisite pick for truly paint lovers. Just add some duct tapes on a wall make splashes of color and remove the tapes after they dry. Most awesome wall decor is set up
  • Origami: A very interesting and creative way to learn paper crafting. Making wonderful shapes and structures from papers is not only enriching but also exciting for teens.
  • Tie and dye t shirt: Using threads and colors make wonderful tie and dye designs.

2- Musical: Musical games are for adding some fun and adventure with amazing beats and rhythms. Some of these game are:

  • Musical chair: Run around when music plays and sit on a chair when it stops
  • Pass the egg musical: Hold an egg from chin and place between neck and between chest and dance on the music.
  • Guess the song: Play some few seconds of music from popular songs and identify
  • Pop charades: Guess the song by enacting and not speaking

3- Building and construction: Lego can be fun for all ages. Allow some robots and higher degrees and involve in wonderful building games. Add some more intellectual ones like electric circuits to have thorough scientific learning too.

4- Board games: Board games are all family games and suitable for every age and every situation. Most of the games have vintage appeal and an entire family enjoys them during vacation. Some of these fun games to play with teens include Taboo, trivial pursuit, apple to apples, monopoly, rumicube, jenga and many more

Outdoor games:

Summer must have all whats outdoor and all whats adventurous. From soccer to baseball, basketball, surfboarding, obstacle for blindfolded, blog tag, sponge pass and many more. Allow for biking competitions, swimming, running, hiking, wall climbing and other thrilling sports to keep the teens excited and involved.


Some more games to play with teens at a party include:

5- I never: Give some cold drink in small glasses or candy’s to each participant and in a circle ask some questions. If anyone has done those things they eat or drink. The ones who have never done stay still. The one who finishes all first is the winner

6- The mummy: Give a toilet rolls to each group and when time starts every group has to make one member dress as a mummy using toilet roll. Whoever finishes in time and first wins.

7- Eat the doughnut: Hang a thread just above the hight of the players and put a few doughnuts on them. Without using their hands the players have to finish their doughnut to win

8- Freeze dance: Play the music and everyone participating has to shake and dance. As soon as music stop they freeze, the ones who don’t are out. Winner is the one who stays in for longest

9- Two truths and a lie: Majorly ice breaker game when group of teens don’t know each other well. Every player has to say 3 lines about themselves of which 2 are true an d1 is a lie. Other members have to guess which one is a lie.

10- Make a video: Give a theme and on the spot the teens have to form a band and make their video.

The above compilation on 10 Best games to play with teens is to help you plan summer vacations for your teenagers in utmost enriching and exciting ways. Keep them inspires and enriched.

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