Teamwork games for high school students

Team building games are considered the most important ways of increase creative acumen involving team collaboration and participation. It strengthens team spirit and also raises amazing level of relationship management among the high school students. These teamwork games for high school students aim at providing a fun filled and enriching classroom activity.

As an ice breaker too the games are wonderful for finding connect and ties within the teams. Getting along with peers, collaborate and associate to get things done faster and also improve interpersonal skills are all a part of team building games for high school students.

Benefits of teamwork games for high school students:

There are ample benefits of these team building games as they foster a sense of group dynamism in the clan. It also imparts a sense of learning and interdependence among the class which is needed the most at this stage. Some of the benefits of team building games include:

    - It provide a common experience among students

    - It develops good communication skills among the students

    - It promotes problem solving and decision making skills.

    - It makes the kids become more and more comfortable in a group setting

    - It improves conversation and interaction among group of students.

    - It helps in developing interpersonal skills, and that too in utmost organic ways.

    - It develops community atmosphere for the class

    - It helps in promoting harmony and mutual respect among the students.

    - It promotes shared learning    

    - It engages the students in a better way

    - It improves academic learning and intellect too

Aim of the team building games for high school students:


Almost all of the team building games focus on instilling some of the major managerial skills in children. It prepares for a professional and personal development at an altogether different level. Some of the agendas for the team building games include:

- Teamwork: It aims at improving team work and developing the spirit of team work among the students.

- Trust building: For any group activity to be successful it is important that the participants have mutual trust. These activities would bring in the much needed mutual trust and admiration

- Leadership skills: Leadership skills are the most important for any individual. At high school stage this is the penultimate year after which your actual professional life begins. You begin college or take up job or intern at an organization, everywhere your leadership skills will place you higher than your peers.

- Creative thinking: Creativity can not be acquired but it can be enhanced. The more opportunities for group interactions the better creative dimensions it adds

Teamwork games for high school students:


Almost every teamwork game involves at least 3 or more participants and there are absolutely no set rules, just improvise and gain better insights into team interactions. These would promote cooperation and communication which enables a healthy classroom environment. Some of these games are:

1- Build it:

Just provide marshmallows or pipe cleaners, blocks or anything which can be used for building. This helps in team involvement and problem solving skill. Also highlight the design you wish to see, say a castle or the pyramids or anything that requires patience and creativity. This i a wonderful way to let the imaginations flow and bring out some artistic pieces as a group

2- Hula Hoop Hop:


The students are to form a group and stand in a circle. Then one hula hoop has to go around without toughing the ground and everyone has to get through it. Just one important thing everyone stands holding hands with each other, hence no one really gets to touch the hula hoop and it keeps taking circles. This gets even more interesting if its time bound.

3- Plastic cup tower:

Just have some wonderful plastic cup towers being built. Stack cups one over the other and who can make the tallest of all. All have to work in groups and see the tower does not fall before its recorded higher than the rest.

4- Pass the balloon:

Use pencils and pass the balloons to each other in the group. Remember you cant touch or the balloon cant fall down. Just use pencils and pass to one another. Which ever group keeps it for long wins. Amazing level of concentration and team collaboration is needed here

5- A shrinking vessel:

You need to have a good strategy and logic to play this. The entire group must occupy a space which shrinks with time. Form a boundary with a rope or a blanker and fold over traffic cones. And continue further

6- Go for gold:

Teams are all assigned a common objective but instead of each one having same materials they have to access a whole cache of materials. Like creating a contraption with pipes which uses pipe, rubber tubing, marble, cardboard pieces and the marble has to go from one place to another just using gravity.

7- Tug of war or a 4 way tug of war:

Tug of war is an exciting and spirited game. Add more fun with a four way tug of war, And tangle all the ropes such that teams have to benefit from each other. This will better enable the rival teams to collaborate first to get the other teams off the game. This helps in inter group interaction and business acumen too.

8- Scavenger hunt with a twist:

Make a twist with classic scavenger hunt. Each team gets one hint and you have to proceed further. The teams clash too with same hints in between and yet they have to proceed with the hunt

9- Ker plunk:

Ker plunk can be played in a group where each member of one group gets a chance to pull out the straw and all of them have same agenda the balls must stay for long. And the team with maximum number of straws at fall wins

10- Human tic tac toe or twister:


Making a human tic tac toe or a human twistable in outdoor is a fun filled team activity. Also some more musical and colorful additions to this classic team building game.

Team building is fun and has amazing benefits for the class as a whole and also for students individually too. It helps in building stronger community ties and also reinforces the academic concepts. This helps in collaborative learning and connections with peers.
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