Top 10 Novels That Talks About Love and Relationship

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Romantic novels are such novels that primarily focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people. These are the best means that explains about a passionate lover. The reader imagines and experience the feeling of love through reading such novels. The following are such novels and you can conclude them as all time favorite novels.

1.    Nicholas Sparks – “The Notebook”:

The story says about the harsh realities of life and highlights about the summer romance. It is a colorful, yet tough love story and is a favorite book for millions of readers all over the world.

Nicholas Sparks

2.    Stephanie Meyer – “Twilight Series”:

Twilight Series, written by Stephanie Meyer, is a sweet and an eternal love story between a girl named Bell and a man named Edward. Bella is a teenager, while Edward is 104 years old vampire. The series is published in the year 2005 and the other series of the novel are New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down.

Stephanie Meyer

3.    Kristin Hannah – “If You Believe”:

“If You Believe” is the book written by Kristin Hannah and it is all about love. The story tells about how the strangers fought against their odds to save their love and it also defines other relationships.

Kristin Hannah

4.    Nora Roberts – “Angels Fall”:

“Angels Fall” written by Nora Roberts is all about the combination of beautiful chef romance and thriller, that keeps the reader engaged till the end. It is an interesting book and readers who wants to have thrilling experience through reading, can choose it.

Nora Roberts

5.    Jane Green – “Second Chance”:

Second Chance is the book written by Jane Green and the story tells about the group of people who haven’t seen each other after their school. A tragedy makes them reunite with each other and this reunion makes them realize that how their life is linked with one another.

Jane Green

6.    Sue Monk Kidd – “The Secret of Life Of Bees”:

The Secret of Bees was made into a movie in the year 2008, which is starred by Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah. The story is all about race, love and the idea of home in turbulent times. The book had that charm that you want to keep on reading the book all the time.

Sue Monk Kidd

7.    Meg Cabot – “Queen Of Babble”:

Queen of Babble is a simple story that tells about Lizzie Nichols life. The story is all about, why she moves to England for a boy that she knew at a college. But unfortunately, it is not the same boy she had known earlier and then what happens after that, is the whole story about.

Meg Cabot

8.    Jennifer Weiner – “The Guy Not Taken”:

“The Guy Not Taken” is all about the women, relationship, families and the emotional struggle that she is going to face. It is a well written collection of short stories, where a reader can relate themselves to the characters in the story.

Jennifer Weiner

9.    Rebecca Well – “Ya-Yas In Bloom”:

Ya-Yas Bloom is a sequel of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and it reveals the secrets of 60 years of marriage and the secrets behind their family. It is the third novel by Rebecca Well.

Rebecca Well

10.    Kat Martin – “A Song For My Mother”:

“A Song For My Mother” is the book written by Kat Martin and it was released in the year 2011. It is all about letting go off the past and find something that is more important in the life. It is a heart warming tale that can be chosen on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Kat Martin

These are the top novels that will steal, break and melt the hearts throughout the decades. Dozens of books are sold when they are released in the market. If you have the habit of reading books, then you can choose the above books and learn all about love.

- Neelima

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