Best yoga postures for pregnant women that have positive effects on delivery

Yoga is the ancient form of exercise that has the most natural way of health benefits in a person. Yoga is one of the best forms of workout not just for your body but also your mind which is the most vital thing during pregnancy. It helps the super anxious mother-to-be to stay in shape and deal with all the hormonal and bodily changes with ease. You can always combine these yoga sessions with a mild cardio like walking for the best benefits.

Yoga ensures a relieved nine month followed by ease of labor and smooth delivery. Women fighting mood swings, fatigue, sickness and leg cramps can ease themselves with yoga during pregnancy. All it needs is being regular to take some time off to practice yoga everyday. Position and exercise practiced across the three trimesters of pregnancy should differ for each phase during the nine months. It is recommended to be done under supervision of an expert and in a calm and favorable environment. It is not advisable to rush into the yoga while in pregnancy if you have never done before. You might want to consider your health history before you can start with exercises too. The first three months especially which is supposed to be the most crucial months of pregnancy has more vulnerability to miscarriage and issues. You have to take all precautions possible to be cautious during this phase.

Let us now look at some yoga postures that will benefit during pregnancy:

The postures are also called as ‘asanas’

1. Standing mountain:


  • Inhale and sweep your arms out and move it overhead bending slightly backward to balance.
  • Exhale and while releasing the breath, return your hands to the center of your chest.

This is a good warm up starter for yoga session.

2. Mountain pose 2:


  • Stand with feet apart shoulder distance. Stretch your arms on top of your head and shoulder straight.
  • Bend sideways bending both the arms. Then back to the standing position.
  • Hold and bend only until comfortable during your third trimester.

Stretches and tones the arms, legs and spine.

3. Support triangle:


  • Inhale and sweep on of your arms above the shoulder with the head turned upwards. Place the other hand down touching the ground or on the thighs as far as possible comfortably depending on the size of your pregnancy bump.
  • Hold the position without releasing your breath and then release the breath and lower your arm straightening the legs. Back to the start position.

This helps in strengthening the whole body and also feels relaxed after the stretching.

4. Cat posture:


  • Kneel on your knees and palms and abdomen drawn in to start with. Arch your back while you inhale gently. Eyes looking upwards.
  • Exhale and round your back as your bring your chin towards the chest as shown.
  • Next, arch your back tipping the tailbone up and looking up to the sky.
  • Exhale and round your back as you tuck your chin again towards the chest.
  • Sit back and relax before doing the next set.

This helps during the labor too in later stages.

5. Child posture:


  • Kneel on all your fours, pull in your abdomen and inhale gently arching your back eyes looking up, tipping the tail bone up.
  • Round your back tucking the chin in towards chest while exhaling.
  • Relax sitting back on your heels for 1 breath before the next.

This move can also be used during the labor.

6. Butterfly Pose


  • Sit on your bottoms and stretch the thighs and knee keeping you back straight and holding the feet together with hands.
  • Follow the pose as shown in the picture.

This helps the body to alleviate fatigue and helps facilitate smooth delivery when practiced until late pregnancy.

What care you must take during pregnancy for yoga:

  • Balancing poses must be performed standing close to the wall such that there are chances of getting a grip when you loose balance or feel dizzy.
  • Setup a support on the floor for additional safety.
  • Do not over dose yoga postures. Hold the pose only as long as you are comfortable.
  • Avoid inversions and any twists or pressure on the abdominal area throughout the pregnancy.
  • Follow leg strengthening poses as they provide and enhance good blood circulation which helps to prevent cramping.
  • Improve flexibility for your easy labor with the seated hip opening postures.
  • Mothers with condition of asthma can try the poses of yoga but should not stress to hold the breath or suspend during the exercise.
  • Meditation helps in comforting the mind during pregnancy.
  • Consult a doctor before talking up yoga as a regular schedule during pregnancy.

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