25 Creative ways to keep your child busy during quarantine

25 Creative ways to keep your child busy during quarantine

Are you annoyed with your kids by now? Then imagine how annoying it must be for them as their routine is changed with pandemic. They must be peeping out of the windows or disturbing your professional and personal tasks. You can’t blame them as it is not their age to understand the critical situation. All you can do is keep them busy to make their quarantine enjoyable and productive for you.

Most of the parents had a complaint about their child’s busy life at an early age. It even stopped from building a bond with their children. This is the right chance to utilize the plenty of leisure time with your children. You can help them to polish their talents, skills, memory building at home and others. The simple ideas to keep your child busy during quarantine can make them an independent individual and give you the break that you want to accomplish your tasks.

You are a creative parent to help beat the boredom of your child at home. But you also run out of the ideas if the quarantine time keeps extending. Stay patient and rely on the ideas we have provided here. Form now on your little one will not interrupt your office meetings or while busy with any chores. It will be a safe and happy stay at home for both parents and children with these amazing tips.

How to keep your child busy during quarantine?

1.Help them cook new recipes

There are foodie kids and also the cooking enthusiasts. Both of them can beat the boredom of quarantine days. Watch a new recipe and help your child to cook it for the family. Take all safety measures while they are cooking or baking.

The most important thing is teach them hygiene which suits the ongoing pandemic. Tell them the health benefits of the ingredients and share the knowledge about healthful habits. They don’t feel it like a serious class but understand the importance of what you are trying to teach them. Once the recipe is done, serve the food together to your family. This is the best family treat at home!

2.Workout together

Workout togetherDo you think your little one is all fit? Yet they need to workout for a fresh mind, physically active. And exercising helps build immunity to a greater extent. Immunity that comes from workout can fight against various infections.

If workout has become a tedious routine for you then do it along with your kid. It becomes playful with laughter and their adorable actions. As you try to guide your kid, you will love the change of your workout routine.

3.Quarantine journal

Quarantine journalYou are giving them wonderful experiences and exposure within that little space during quarantine. These precious lessons are worth a note so let your children maintain a quarantine journal. Ask them to write their experience at home, their understanding about COVID pandemic.

Children love to show their vacation write ups to their teachers and friends. They love to share the vacation stories so maintaining a journal will not change their plan as they can show it later when they meet their group. Provide them stickers, pictures to make it a creative and interesting journal. While they are writing their journal, you can carry on with your tasks.

4.Solve a puzzle together

Solve a puzzle togetherMom and kids must do some teamwork to build their bond. Encourage your child, cheer and help solve the puzzle. That’s a mere puzzle but solving it can be a big win for your child. And kids’ excitement must stay alive be it at home or school. Such kind of fun activities can bring enthusiasm in them.

5.Teach them a new fun skill

Teach them a new fun skillProviding your kids to learn the academic skills even in quarantine can be tiring for them. It is something they want to escape from such tasks. However, the academic teachings for your children so don’t add the burden to them. If you expect them to do the best in their academics then let them relax with fun teachings. Give it a break and make their day sorted rather than just adding the task on task. This keeps your child busy during quarantine and they don’t feel stressed or anxiety being packed at home.

6.Give the examples of ethics and values

Give the examples of ethics and valuesChildren of present gen are first learners but want the creative teachings to grasp things. Learning the ethics or the subject, make it creative for your kids. You may want to teach your kids the important values and ethics which wasn’t possible easily during school time. Now, you have that space, time and your kids to listen calmly. Collect a few videos, images to display what you want to teach. This is a nicest way to keep your kids busy during quarantine.

7.Play indoor games

Play indoor gamesYour kids must be craving for outdoor playtime with their friends. So, why don’t you make your home

playful place for your kids. You can play the games including your partner as it becomes a complete family time. This is the best idea while you are trying to keep your kids at home and safe. And tell how outdoor games are not good for now, also explain how to educate them on the current situation. When you are following the right way to educate your kids on such serious topics, they don’t trouble you but listen. Being patient is the key!

8.Take their help

Take their helpIt is always good to teach responsibility to your kids from a small age. If you are engaged in your office assignment then ask them to pick a notepad and pen for you. Thank them for their kind help which makes them feel a valuable part of the family. And by this, you are developing qualities like compassion, kindness and politeness.

9.Virtual meetings with your their friends

Virtual meetings with your their friendsKids catching up their classmates for online classes is part of their everyday schedule. So, modify it with a twist with a virtual meeting with their friends. They must be missing their friends and their fun together at school, playground or play stations. Talk to your kids friends and their parents which is super fun for you and the child. Your child will love this from you and it is the best way to keep their quarantine time busy. You can do this once in a while.

10.Assign a project for the day

Assign a project for the dayIf your kids are at home then it must not be a lazy time for them. So, assign a project with a long time frame. You can ask them to research about knowledgeable topics, take a round of virtual global tour and collect the details. Ask them what they have learnt and learn from them. They love to teach it back to their parents. This can happily keep them engaged without boredom during quarantine.

11.Experience nostalgia with them

Experience nostalgia with themRemembering your childhood and having your child with you is the priceless moment. You would have many childhood memories that you wanted to share with your kids. It could be showing your photographs, verbally telling them your childhood experiences. Your kids will enjoy the most knowing it all. Don’t miss it when you and your child have the absolute leisure time.

12.Educate about health and well being

Educate about health and well beingWhile your kids are at home, you must take time to educate them about health and well being. It could be healthy habits, diet, sleep. When they know the importance of your routine they do it with discipline. You may not take a moment while you are urging your kids to follow the healthy habits during the regular days. It is understandable as you and your children have least time to understand the basics even. Now, the quarantine is the best time that you explain the importance behind it.

13. Gardening and planting trees

Gardening and planting treesCreating awareness of environmental wellness in children needs a bit of your time. They need your guidance to accomplish good causes like planting, watering. Pick a tiny herb and ask your child to plant it. You can even teach your child how to garden and take care of your plants. Letting them connect to nature is as important as academics. So, start giving weightage during the quarantine that also keeps them busy.

14. DIY accessories and paper crafting

DIY accessories and paper craftingChildren always try to spend their time on easy to do fun activities like paper crafting. Another activity that can excite them is DIY accessories. Making earrings or neck chains at home can be fun.

Allowing them to do these favorite activities once in a while can be a healthy break from studies and routine. But make sure to have a timetable to not give a skip on their routine like academics or workout.

15.Help them do pet care

Help them do pet careIt is always parents who do pet care and kids only play with the pets. So, let your kids do the pet care following the safety measures. Let them give a bath to your pet, provide them food, and take them for an indoor walk. This is not just to keep your child busy during quarantine but also to teach compassion, cleanliness and other possible things.

16.Prioritize literacy

Prioritize literacyIt is good that you are making efforts for your child to have the best time during quarantine. But don’t let the other activities impact on their knowledge building, studies. You must prioritize literacy by providing the resources for general knowledge, reciting poems, writing. Let them practice reading and writing which must not become a strange task once they get back to school.

17.Let them organize a family treat

Let them organize a family treatOrganizing a treat for family at home is a mini task for children. You can help them arrange food, simple decor, beverages. They will be more than happy to do something new. Let them learn managing things while they enjoy doing it. Wind it up with a small game and appreciate your child for doing the best arrangements. Kids feel encouraged when they receive the rewards from their family members. So, let them grab that happiness with such ideas during quarantine.

18. Do a photoshoot with your kid

Do a photoshoot with your kidGive a makeover to your child and have a self makeover for a lovely photoshoot at home. You can do a family photoshoot as well. This can be the most creative part of the day. Children are fond of getting clicked but they are not proactive with their wishes. However, this is not possible when your children were engaged in their daily routine before quarantine. So, use this quarantine time to create those sweet family memories.

19.A polish to creative skills

A polish to creative skillsThere are multiple creative skills from which you can pick one for your child. Add a fun class to their roueint during quarantine. Ask your children about their interest which can include painting, dance, music, pottery, others. But don’t force your child to learn any of these skills.

If at all your child wants to learn any of these skills then visit the online free courses and teach in a simple way. Start with the basics and let them practice.

20.Give a home spa

Give-a-home-spaAs children have to take online classes and do their school assignments online. So, this can strain their back, shoulders. Giving them a spa experience to relieve from muscle soreness. Let them relieve themselves from mental and physical stress with a good massage. They will thank you for such love and care you shower on them. You are keeping them busy for their wellness.

21.Teach a new language

Teach a new languageIf you want your kids to learn something new out of their academic syllabus then it can be a new language. It is equally useful to learn the subject from their books. Teaching a new language, exposure to new cultures can be a good way to keep your children busy. It will help them become skilled and independent.

22.Give memory building tasks

Give memory building tasksYou will have to do something that can keep your kids engaged in building memories. A game of memory or revising the basic lessons from their books. Give the tasks which can sharper their brains with easy to do assignments. Don’t make it too tough for them as it strains their brain. Once you see an improvement increase the level of hardness you assign. This must be on a regular basis for a few minutes to keep them mentally active and alert.

23.Talk and listen to them

Talk and listen to themLet your kids talk and listen to them. Most of the time, parents divert the kids to studies or games when kids want to talk. Muting your kids to finish your tasks is fine but realize that your kids are feeling ignored. So, make some time to talk and listen to your kids.

If you are not listening to your kids, it can also cut off your bond with them. They don’t feel supported or lose their confidence. So, the caution for all the times not only for the present moment. Initiate conversations and talk to your child causally, embrace your relationship with them.

24.Share a healthy laughter

Share a healthy laughterYou can watch an animation clip or a fun video with your child and share a healthy laughter. Even you can read out comic stories or books for your children. Another way to laugh along with your child is to ask them to tell a joke or funny thing. When you see your kids wanting a break from studies and serious tasks then do this. This can make them feel relaxed from the hours of studying but yet keep them busy without boredom.

25.Discuss about reality

Discuss about realityFor your teenage kids, you must be the guide of reality, exposure to the world, a resource of knowledge. A growing child comes across various things and may need some kind of clarity on a few things. Never wait for your children to start open minded conversations. Dont expect them to be frank and straightforward unless you give an approachable sign.

I would like to acknowledge that both parent and children’s schedules were more than just busy but exhausting. Now it’s a different quarantine time that has changed everything. Your kids spend all their time at home. So, now you can initiate the conversations of reality on different topics. You can know their thoughts, views and correct them. This is the best way to bring your teenage kids out of boredom while your bond gets stronger.

If your kids are at home it can’t be dull as you are a creative parent. Although you are putting efforts to make it the quarantine most happening time for your kids, it can leave them craving for the outdoor games. They might be waiting to meet up with their friends and go around the city. So, this can be harder when your kids keep wanting more with variety. If you are lacking a variety of ideas to keep your kids busy during quarantine then try the above.