15 Best Garden Activities For Kids


Gardening activities offer your child calm and pleasant environment. These are the best activities to keep your kid busy. Let your kid to learn the art of growing plants.

It is fun and creative activity. It improves the motor skills of your child. Gardening offers your child a wide range of physical activities and keeps them active all the time. Gardening activities make you child to become more responsible in protecting the environment.

This article discusses the benefits of gardening activities for kids. It presents some fun gardening activities for kids.

Benefits of Gardening Activities:

Gardening is the art of growing and cultivating the plants. Plants are very important elements of our planet. They filters the pollutants and help in reducing their adverse impacts on the health of humans.

Here are a few benefits that gardening activities offer the children:

1. Children learn from the growing things:

Gardening makes the children to gain knowledge about soil, seeds, and plants. Kids come to know the terminology of the plants.

2. Growing plants improves many positive behaviors in your child:

Gardening makes your child to build many positive attitudes like responsibility, understanding, self confidence, love towards nature, and creativity.

3. Gardening improves physical health of your child:

Gardening involves many activities like bending, moving legs and hands. This is a great physical exercise to promote the health of your child. It helps your child to have better sleep.

Gardening enhances the strength, reduces the stress levels, and promotes the relaxation.

4. Improves motor skills in your child:

Digging, panting, and pulling enhances the motor skills in your child. It is the great way to keep your kid’s hands and fingers strong and stiff.

5. It strengthens the family bonds:

When your kids learn to grow the plants along with the members of your family they come to strengthen the bonds with all the family members.

6. It teaches your kids art of growing own food:

Besides physical exercise your kids will come to know the importance of growing own food. Growing own food teaches them the nutrient values in the fruits and vegetables. Kids will love to eat the fruits and vegetables that are grown by them. Gardening is the best technique to make the kids try the foods that they have never eaten before.

7. Gardening can make the kids happier:

The art of growing plants improves the mood. Gardening improves the quality of life and reduces mood swings. Kids will form strong attachment with the nature.

8. It helps your kid to improve the social skills:

Gardening offers your kid best socialization opportunities, and fun way to interact with the community. Gardening helps the kid to have friendly interaction with the neighbors in the community. It helps them to build friendly relationships.

9. Gardening makes your child more responsible:

Maintaining your garden and making the plants alive and healthy is a great responsibility. By including the activity of watering plants in the daily chores of your child they will come to learn the importance of responsibilities.

10. Improves your child’s immune system:

Working in the can help you to absorb plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in absorbing the more amounts of calcium. It can help you to keep your bones strong and improves the immunity towards many diseases.

Gardening Activities for Child:

Getting into the gardening is the great way to spend time with your child.

Here are some outdoor garden activities for toddler:

1. Plant Vegetable Garden:

Plant-Vegetable-GardenThis is the best gardening activity to do with your child. Children will get to know the importance of vegetables and the nutrients in them when they grow them.

The kind of vegetables that you choose and grow depends entirely on the season. Try to grow the vegetable that your kid never ate them before. You can grow many vegetables in the pots. There are many vegetables like cherry tomatoes, capsicum, and zucchinis that you can grow easily grow in your home environment.

2. Make a hanging baskets:

Make-a-hanging-basketsHanging baskets are the great way to decorate the open area. Here you need the simple things to make the hanging baskets:

  • Wire framed hanging basket
  • Gloves
  • Potting mix

Fill the wire basket with the potting mix and plant your flowers on the top. The hanging baskets do not last for longer times. It will make you to plant something on every holiday. Make your kids to water the hanging basket every day.

3. Grow Indoor plants:


Encourage you kids to grow some seeds and bulbs indoors, You do not need much to start growing indoor plants.

Make your kids to use the egg carton and fill the compartment inside with some potting mix. Allow your kid to plant bean seeds and grass seeds that can grow quickly. Encourage your kid to make their pot more appealing by painting it.

4. Mobile Garden:


Allow your kid to use their playing truck as the platform to grow the plants.

Add a few layers of stones in the truck for drainage and thick layer of soil for the potting. Plant some indoor or flowering plants in the truck. This is a great fun and creative activity for your kids.

5. Newspaper Pot:


Take an empty can and wrap a newspaper around it and fill it with the potting mix.

Make your kid to plant the seeds inside the can. This teaches the kids the art of recycling.

6. Watering the garden:


It is one of the most basic gardening activity. It is easy to implement bin the children of all the ages. To make this activity more fun and interesting get a cute watercan for your child. Fix a specific time in a day to water the plants and make it a daily chore for your kid.

7. Garden Cleaning:


It is most important to teach your kid about the garden cleaning. It will help your child to learn some hygiene habits. Make your child to clear some dead leaves and flowers from the garden.

8. Make your child to pick some fruits and vegetables:


Engage your kids in picking the grown fruits and vegetables. You can also make your kid to wash the fruits and vegetable. This activity teaches your child to recignize the difference between ripe and raw vegetables and fruits.

9. Make your child to learn about the insects:


Allow your child to learn about insects that cling to the flowers and ask them to take a photograph of those insects.

Give them a pair of magnifying glasses that help them to identify the insects easily. This activity will help the kids to overcome their fear over bugs and insects.

10. Ask your child to color the pots and rocks:


Make your child to paint the pots with various colors. This is the best activity to improve motor skills in your kid.

Allow your child to gather various kinds of rocks and paint them. Ask your child to place the painted rocks in your garden. This makes the garden to look more colorful.

11. Creative planting:

Creative-plantingAllow your kid to plant creatively. Allot some space in your garden for your kids. Help then to design in the shapes that they wish. Make your kid to use the plastic or wood dividers to make it into different shapes. Assist your kid in planting various kinds of plants in that place.

12. Colourful Terrarium:


This activity allows the use of terrarium. It is usually a sealable glass container which contain soil and plants. Different kinds of plants like ferns, succulents, and petuias usually grow in the containers.

You can fill the vessel with some sand or colourful pebbles.

13. Teach your child the process of composting the soil:


Allow your child to make the compost made with materials such as leaves, shredded twigs, and kitchen scrap from the plant. Adding compost to the soil offers nurturing environment for the plants. Let your kid to know the benefits of the compost.

14. Make your child to build a insect house:


This is one of the best garden activities for the kids which is fun and creative.

Get a wooden birdhouse or you can build it on your own. Place some hallow bamboos inside the birdhouse. Stick moss on the top of the wooden house so that the insects feel it as their home. This activity allows your kid to learn about wide range of insects and the friendly ways to save the environment.

15. Help your child in pulling the weeds:


It is the best part of gardening that you can teach your kid. It is important to teach your kid about keeping the garden clean.

Equip your child with the necessary gardening tools and help them in differentiating and plucking the weeds from the plants. This activity allows your kid to learn the importance of weeding and its role in the healthy growth of the plant.

Gardening activities that develop sensory inputs in your child:

The following activities of gardening will help your child to develop sensory inputs in your child:

  • Touching, and rubbing various plants and flowers.
  • Carrying pots from one place to another place
  • Digging holes to plant the seeds
  • Picking flowers
  • Touching worms and soil
  • Harvesting home grown plants

In conclusion, Gardening offers your child many benefits and it develops your child into a responsible person with the intention of protecting the environment in the adulthood.