30 Things Dads Should Teach Their Daughters


Dad shows more affection towards daughter equal to the sons and plays a unique prominent in her life. What are the few things required to strengthen father-daughter relationship.

Every girl feels her relationship with the father so special. Dad has a greater influence to shape the life of her little girl into a secure and better way. Dad can make her growing girl aware of the situations outside the home and help her to tackle them gently.

This article discusses the relationship between dad and daughter. It presents the things that dad should teach their daughter.

Father – Daughter Relationship:


Right from the birth of the little girl father plays prominent role in her psychological development. The presence of father in the life daughter gives her positive vibes strong enough to grow healthy and strong. Fathers can offer secured life to their little girls.

Here are the few benefits of father-daughter relationship:

1. Girls feel themselves better and obtain good grades:

Girls with involved daughters are found to obtain more grades in schools. If the dads encourage them in finishing the homework and crossing the hurdles by giving them access to tools and websites that provide academic assistance may yield amazing results in the schools.

2. Feel more confident to engage in relationships with men:

When the little girl grows up she may choose the man with attributes similar to her father. Respectful and supportive fathers help their daughters wither directly or indirectly to build strong and healthy relationships.

3. Daughters feel supported which enhances their confidence levels:

Daughters get the courage and adventurous skills from the fathers. Dads are regarded as the protectors, fixers, and rescuers of their daughter’s life.

4. Fathers improve their Daughter’s self-esteem:

Father can help her daughter to build and enhance the self esteem by overcoming the obstacles.

For example, girls with poor body image may keep themselves isolated socially with the fear of insults. They may develop anxiety, depression in extreme cases. Dads help their daughters with their respectful words to cope up with this situation.

5. Father can help his daughter to develop behavioral traits:

Supportive fathers can help their daughter to develop positive attitude. Whereas the negligent fathers on the other hand throws his daughter into the path of depression, abuse and psychological problems.

6. Fathers impact social skills in their daughters:

Daughters who interact and have friendly conversation with their fathers are known to behave and communicate with the men and women in the society in the similar manner.

The level of quality communication plays a prominent role in the daughter’s ability to express her feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Things Dads Should Teach their Daughters:


Here are a few things daughters learn from her father.

1. Make them Self Sufficient:

Teach your girl on how to turn into self-reliant. She does not need to pick use her man’s money to enhance her status. Tell her not to pick a guy with more money rather than the one who takes care of her.

Offer your little girl the rewards in the form of allowances and teach her on using the money in a proper way. Teach her financial responsibility from the childhood which helps her to become a woman with financial balancing skills.

2. Teach her to put best efforts:

Teach your daughter to put the efforts in a effective manner. Let her understand not to be discouraged by the negative results. Praise her for the the best efforts she put in. Teach her to learn lessons from the efforts.

3. Speak out healthy relationships:

Kids learn everything from the parents. The relationship between their parents is well known to impact their academic and personal lives.

Teach the little girl to build and develop the healthy and successful relationships. Teach them to look for the people with kind and broad mind.

4. Teach her failing is alright:

Teach your daughter that failures are very common in life journey. Never let her failures suppress her self confidence. Instead, make her to learn good lessons from the failures and consider them as the feedback for their efforts.

5. Men and Women Should Respect each other:

Children learn this lesson from their parents. Treat other women in the way that you want your daughter to be treated. Never throw comments on other women especially in front of your daughter as it may damage their self security.

6. Let your daughter to face the challenges:

Girls find it difficult to face the challenges and stand firmly. You should help your daughter to develop self confidence which in turn helps her to achieve success by overcoming the challenges.

Make her well prepared to face the upcoming challenges in life.

7. Spend Quality Time:

Make out and spend some quality time with your daughter and gift her the memories that she can carry into the adulthood. Plan vacations in the long weekend or during the holidays. Build and nurture the friendly attachment with your daughter.

8. Teach her to stand on her own:

Teach your daughter to be self reliant. Teach her the joy of independence. Let her understand that seeking help is not a weakness or the sign of inability. Teach her to take the support of others when her own balance fails.

9. Make her to believe her own thoughts:

Encourage your daughter to believe and work for her own thoughts. Let her to take some time to study herself. Make her realize that you trust her words and beliefs.

10. Teach her gratitude:

Teach your little girl how to be thankful towards others. Being thankful helps her to achieve a happier life. Gratitude helps them to improve the relationships. Set a good example to your daughter by often using Thank You.

11. Make your daughter to accept the responsibility when she is wrong:

Teach your little girl the value of honesty and help her how to take the responsibility to fix the things that went wrong because of her. Make your daughter accept the consequences of her actions without blaming others.

12. Make your daughter to listen to her own instincts:

Following the instincts represents that you are listening to your own. Teach them how to behave while working on their instincts. Train them to sharpen their intuition. This skill allows your little girl to take the decisions by taking into consideration the past and the present.

Make your kid take smart and effective decisions without relying on others.

13. Give freedom to model her career:

Make your daughter recognize her interests and model her career. This helps her to build a successful and fulfilled life. Never push your daughter into your own interests. This may make them stressful in the long run.

The more effective way to build a career is to believe in your instincts and work for it standing against the obstacles till your reach the final milestone. Grow your daughter into an independent girl.

14. Teach your daughter Personal Boundaries:

Teach your daughter on how to protect her personal boundaries both physically and mentally. Tell her it is perfectly fine to say No to protect her safety and comfort. Teach your little girl social boundaries which help her in long run to deal with the situations like harassment and sexual abuse.

15. Teach your daughter emotional awareness

Emotional awareness is very important to have a hassle free journey in the society. Emotional awareness is not only recognizing the own emotions but also the others.

Emotional awareness works as the best navigating tool to move through the difficulties. It helps to understand the others and help them. It helps yourself to feel better by taking proper decisions.

16. Look at every Angle:

Men are more incredulous at times and they do deep examination before they agree or believe in something. Dads should pass this attitude to their daughters.

Looking at a situation from different angles will help to gain better understanding of the problem. It helps your daughter to think out of the box and took a step to solve the problem.

17. Teach her to find happiness in herself:

Teach your daughter that loving herself is not selfish. Tell her to look for happiness in herself before looking for it everywhere else.

Teach her not to crave for the transient happiness from somewhere. Happiness that your daughter creates lasts for a long time.

18. Encourage your daughter to dream:

Your little daughter may have many dreams and hopes. But, when she grows up she stops dreaming and thinking about the dreams.

Teach your daughter to keep working hard to reach her dreams. Encourage them to plan and work hard to accomplish their dreams.

19. Make your daughter to exercise:

Exercises are very important both physically and mentally. Encourage your daughter to do exercises.

Exercising like walking or meditation is the best medicine to relieve stress and anger. Make them realize that exercise is the first choice to relieve stress.

20. Teach your daughter on how to defend herself:

This is one of the things only a dad can teach a daughter. It is one of the best lessons that a father can teach his daughter. Make your daughter well prepared and aware of the surroundings.

Teach her confident body language which helps to maintain and carry the self esteem with confidence. Make your daughter adopt a good posture and walk. Teach her to use strong voice

21. Teach her stress management:

Like adults, kids are also at the risk of stress. Conflicting situations at home, and the academic commitments may make her feel stress.

Teach her how to balance stress and move along. The best thing that you can do to help your child manage stress is prepare her to deal with the mistakes. Teach her the importance of time management and how to achieve it. Let her have enough sleep.

22. Teach her not to give up anything

If you want to model your daughter into a successful women the best thing that you can do is to teach her how to cross the hurdles without giving up. Let her understand that hard work and zeal in long run contribute to greater achievements.

23. Make her learn how to turn weakness into strengths:

This is one of the best lessons that a father can teach his daughter. Nourish your daughter with the guts required to make her weakness to strengths. This feature plays a prominent role in achieving successful life. Equip your daughter with the features like acceptability, hiring lag skills which help her to convert her weakness into strengths.

24. Encourage her to do the things that scare her:

Help your daughter to do the things that scare her. Be with your daughter while watching scary movies or TV shows, and help to watch them without your presence. Let her understand that nightmares, thunderstorms, are all common and no need to feel scared.

25. Talk about strong woman in front of your daughter:

Talk to your daughter about the women who struggled a lot and achieved successful lives. This makes her to get inspired. Let her understand that gender is not a restriction to achieve anything.

26. Teach her to stand up for injustice and oppressed:

Teach her moral values which makes a strong base for the successful life. Make your daughter to oppose the injustice that happens in front of her and teach her to help the oppresses people.

27. Compliment your daughter and her mother often:

Compliment the effort behind your daughter’s work . Show her mother priority while taking critical decisions in front of her. This makes her feel that women can deserve voice in good and successful relationships and she will look for someone who will appreciate her’s.

28. Make her Promises and keep them:

Keeping the promises that you made to your daughter are very important. It helps in strengthening the trust that your daughter builds in you. If you fail to keep her promise explain her the reason for not keeping her promise.

29. Play some Jokes and Games with your daughter:

Having inside jokes will help you build the friendly relationship with your daughter. Play games along with your daughter and help her participate in sports competitions.

30. Make your daughter an all rounder:

Let your daughter know the things that you can do including sports. This makes her to achieve all around success and enhance self esteem.

Neglected daughters often feel abandoned, depressed, and rejected. The lack of a relationship with their fathers may make them fail in life. Though your daughter learns many things from her mother, wisdom, love and affection that you show towards her may impact her academic and personal life. The 30 things mentioned in this article will help you to make your daughter grow into a happy, confident and successful woman.