11 Tips and Precautions For Baby’s First Hair Cut


Is your baby being irritated by the growing and sharp hair? Are you afraid to calm your baby during hair cut? Here are the few tips in this article to overcome these situations.

Your baby’s first salon trip might be a memorable one for you. But, it may make the baby feel scary with strangers and scissors. Your baby may raise the strong tantrums on seeing the strange and scary tools in the salon.

This article discusses the benefits of your child’s first hair cut. It presents tips amnd precautions for baby’s first hair cut.

Why Do We Cut Baby’s First Hair?


The myth that is concerned with the baby’s first hair cut is that it may enhance and thick their further hair growth. Hair growth and texture are determined by the genetic factors and no other tips work well to improve hair growth except chemotherapy. Hair growth entirely depends on the genetics instead of time of hair cut.

There is an interesting story available about the association of hair growth in baby with mother’s heartburn during pregnancy. It is believed that mothers who experience heart burn during pregnancy are most likely to give birth to the baby with more hair. There is no clear evidence supporting this belief.

When to get baby’s first hair cut?

When-to-get-babys-first-haiBabies who are born with lots of hair may grow quickly and start irritating your baby by falling into eyes and ears. If your baby’s hair starts falling over the eyes and ears, it is the best time to take them for hair cut. Child with baldy head is not recommended to have the hair cut until they develop stronger scalps. 2 years is the best baby’s first haircut age for scalp head babies.

The time of your baby’s first hair cut depends on how much hair your baby has. Some babies have hair cut at the age of 8 months and some babies may not have hair cut even at the age of 2 years. Hair growth varies from baby to baby and there is no specific age for hair cut.

First hairs grow and fall out till the age of six months, following a drop in the hormones which is perfectly normal after the child birth. Unless your baby has annoying hair it is better to wait till his/her first birthday to have hair cut.

Does cutting weaken your child’s hair?

Cutting neither weakens nor strengthens the hair. It offers hair rebalance and keeps the growing hair away from your baby’s eyes, ears, and neck. You can perform the baby’s hair cutting on your own when your baby completely understands that hair cutting is safe and does not hurt.

Preparations Before your Child’s First Haircut:


It is the responsibility of the parents to make your child’s first hair cut comfortable. Here are a few tips for child’s first hair cut.

A. Carry Baby’s clothes:

Carry washed clothes for your baby to wear after hair cut. Haircut is a messy process and small pieces of hair may go inside your baby’s clothes which may make him/her irritable for the rest of the day. Change the clothes once the haircut is done.

B. Take your baby’s favorite toy/smart device and snacks:

Your baby may tend to be more nervous when the haircut is carried out by a stranger. Carry you baby’s favorite toy or pacifier to soothe your baby. Toys are the great choice to divert your baby from hair cutting process.

Snacks help to keep your little one busy while hair cutting. They also help in making him more comfortable throughout the hair cutting process.

C. Choose the right place for your baby’s first hair cut:

When time comes for your baby to have a hair cut take your baby to a kids friendly salon where you can find lot of books and videos to keep your little one calm and entertained. If you didn’t find a kid’s salon go to a barber who is specialized in dealing with kids.

Tips & Precautions for baby’s first haircut:


Here are the few tips and precautions that you should follow to make your baby’s first haircut comfortable and a hassle free.

1. Schedule the haircut in proper timing:

Mood of your baby may not be the same throughout the day. It changes from time to time. So, time in which haircut is being performed plays a prominent role in making your kid cozy and comfortable. Don’t schedule the haircut in the naptimes, or meal times. Schedule a time for the haircut during which your baby feels more comfortable.

2. Use Electric Clippers:

Make use of electric clippers which make the haircutting comfortable by putting pre defined limits on the hair to be cut down. They prevent the baby’s hair from pressure that arises due to pulling and pushing.

3. Avoid Razors:

Avoid using razors which contain sharp edges that may not fit for your baby’s sensitive skin. Sometimes they may create a scratch on your child’s scalp.

4. Take Breaks:

Take a couple of breaks in between the haircut process to make your baby feel more comfortable.

5. Start Mimicking:

Make your kid to feel entertained and deviated by making some funny faces or by performing some mimicking activities. Bring the entertaining sibling who can help in keeping your toddler deviated.

6. Hold your baby:

For some babies, haircut is a traumatic experience. If this is the case any deviations cannot work. In this situation you can hold your baby to make them feel safe and comfortable.

7. Avoid Mirrors:

Avoid your kid from facing the mirror, it may make him feel scary when they see a stranger snipping hair over your head. Make sure that your baby faces you all over the haircutting.

8. Mind your words:

Do not use the words like cut which may scare your child. Instead use the words like Trim or Snip.

9. Give comfort preference:

If your baby has a hard time sitting in the stylish chair let them sit in your lap. Children often wiggle or squirm in the chair. Don’t force them to sit by forcing as sudden jerk may lead to cuts and bruises.

10. Make them watch you when you get a cut:

You can make your kid more comfortable to salon atmosphere by taking them to the salon when you go for a haircut. This makes them look forward to sit in the high stylish chair.

11. be aware of Cradle Cap:

This condition causes oily scaly patches on your baby’s scalp which appears in the infants’ ages 3 months. Overactive sebaceous glands may lead to this condition. Consult your doctor before haircut if notice cradle cap in your child.

Baby’s first hair cut at home:


You can have your baby’s first hair cut at home yourself or by getting the appointment from beautician.

Here are the few tips for cutting babies hair for the first time at home:

  • Haircut at home will help your baby to make the scary experience a comfortable one when it is held by his/her companion.
  • Home environment may make the baby more comfortable.
  • Home can offer the baby a playful environment with his favorite toys around

Keep a few strands of hair from your baby’s first cut and glue them in a scrap book along with some photos. Make your baby’s first hair cut a memorable and comfortable experience by following a few tips and precautions.