16 Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Children


Children are more vulnerable to get diarrhea than adults. What causes diarrhea in child? How to treat it? You will find the answers in this article.

It is the way that the body chooses to drive out the germs and infections ranging from few weeks to days. Diarrhea weakens your child and offers them episodes of discomfort. Diarrhea becomes severe if it is not paid attention at the right time.

This article discusses the diarrhea in children. It presents signs, symptoms and home remedies to prevent diarrhea in your child.

What is Diarrhea in Babies?


It is a health condition where the children experience watery stools several times in a day. Newborn babies mostly experience the watery stools especially after every feed. Usually it does not lasts long

What Causes Diarrhea in babies?


The most common reasons for the diarrhea in kids include:

1. Infections: Sometimes viruses like rotavirus, bacteria like salmonella, and parasites like giardia may cause infections. One one of the more common causes of the diarrhea are the viruses. Viral infections cause the watery stools accompanied by vomiting, stomach ache, headache, and fever.

2. Food Poisoning: Diarrhea which is catalyzed by the food poisoning may cause vomiting which goes away in 24 hours with proper medication.

3. Food Allergies:

a) Lactose Intolerance: Sometimes, diarrhea is a result of lactose intolerance. The inability of your child to digest the lactose, sugar that is found in the milk , is known as Lactose Intolerance.

b) Gluten Intolerance: Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye. If your child’s body is unable to digest gluten, it will develop the symptoms like headache, abdominal pain, smelly feces, diarrhea or constipation, skin problems etc.

c) Fructose Intolerance: Fructose is a protein that is added to many foods and drinks as a sweetener. Malabsorption of fructose results in the fructose intolerance. Child’s ability to absorb fructose increases with age.

d) Sucrose intolerance: Sucrose is also regarded as the table sugar or white sugar. Intolerance of Sucrose results in the diarrhea. Children with this type of enzyme lack enzyme that digests sucrose.

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: IBS is the health condition that affects the large intestine. Common signs of this discomfort include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation.

5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Your immune system in the process of attacking the virus, bacteria, or food in the gut may lead to bowel injury. The symptoms of this type of disease include abdominal pain, poor growth, constipation or diarrhea.

6. Small Intestinal Bacterial Growth: It is defined as a condition where the growth of the bacteria is more in the small intestine. It results in the diarrhea, weight loss, and osteoporosis.

7. Teething: This is one of the reasons for diarrhea in babies. Teething is the most painful and uncomfortable phase for the babies aged 6 months. Babies experience swelling and the soreness of the gums. More saliva produced during this stage enters into the guts and loosen the stools. This condition causes diarrhea.

8. Weather Change: A small change in the weather condition may lead to diarrhea in babies. If the baby is habituated to live at particular temperature, a small drop or rise of the temperature with reference to baby’s comfortable temperature may lead to diarrhea.

Signs and Symptoms of Diarrhea in Babies:


Here are a few signs and symptoms of diarrhea in babies:

  • Watery liquid stools
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating and gas
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of energy
  • Thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Sunken eyes, and cheek

Effects of Diarrhea in Babies:


Here are a few effects of prolonged diarrhea in children:

Dehydration: During diarrhea, bowel movements take away the excess water from the body and results in a condition called Diarrhea.

Diaper Rashes: Babies are more likely to develop diaper rashes during diarrhea which occurs due to frequent bowel movements. Babies may get red and itchy rashes in the diaper area.

Home Remedies For Diarrhea in Babies:

There are may home remedies which are safe to use for the children with diarrhea. Here are a natural remedies to get rid of diarrhea in babies:

1. Mustard Seeds:


Mustard seeds are rich in calcium, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, and fiber. It offers protection against asthma, heart attacks, and migraines. It is one of the best remedies for diarrhea in babies.

How to use:

1. Take tablespoon of mustard seeds and make them into a fine powder in a mixer.
2. Take a pinch of mustard powder and add this to small glass of water.
3. Give this mustard seeds water to your baby twice a day.

2. Banana:

BananaPotassium levels are greatly reduced during diarrhea. Banana helps to restore the potassium and helps the body to restore essential nutrients and energy that are lost during diarrhea.

How to Use:

1. Cut the banana into small pieces and mash it.
2. Give this mashed banana to your baby especially in the morning.

3. Oral rehydration Solution:


ORS helps to restore the water and minerals that are lost during diarrhea, and vomiting. It hydrates the body by offering the water that is lost during diarrhea. The proper functioning of the body requires right amounts of fluids and minerals.

How to Use:

ORS solution can be found at the stores or it can be prepared at home with a few simple steps. Here are a few steps to prepare ORS at home:

  • Boil filtered water and allow it to cool
  • Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water.
  • Mix this solution until the solvents get dissolved completely
  • Give this solution to your baby more frequently to make up the water lost during diarrhea.

4. Coconut Water:

Coconut-WaterCoconut water is a good source of many nutrients and have antioxidant properties. It helps your child to get relief from diarrhea.

How to Use:

Give your child coconut water 2-3 times a day to regain the fluids lost due to diarrhea.

5. Starch Rich Products:

Starch-Rich-ProductsStarch foods are the source of wide range of nutrients in the diet and a good source of energy. They contain fiber, calcium, iron, and Vitamin B. Starchy foods include breads, pasta, rice, cereals, oats, and barley. Starch rich foods help in preventing diarrhea in babies.

How to Use:

If you have started feeding your baby starch rich foods then potato is the good choice. Being abundant in starch, they help the babies to get relief from the diarrhea.

1. Boil the potato until it is soft and mash it.
2. Add a pinch of salt to the mashed potato.

Note: To prevent the gas formation add the powder of roasted cumin seeds to it. This can be fed to your baby once a day.

6. Mint:

MintMint helps for the smoother digestion. It has anti inflammatory properties and helps in soothing the swelling. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that keeps your baby away from the cold and flu.

How to Use:

1. Take out the juice from the mint leaves and add honey, few drops of lemon to it.
2. Give this to your child 2-3 times a day.

Note: Do not give this to the babies below 2 years.

7. Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate-JuiceIt is the source of antioxidants and fiber. It has many medicinal properties and being used to treat various infections from the ancient times.

How to Use:

  • Give the pomegranate juice to your baby at the regular intervals to keep your baby hydrated.
  • If you feel that your baby is not strong enough to digest the pomegranate then dilute it with water.

8. Curd:


It is the major source of probiotics. These are the yeast and bacteria which benefit the digestive system. Curd helps in promoting the digestion and boosting the immunity.

How to Use:

You can serve it to your baby by adding a pinch of roasted cumin seeds’ powder, salt or sugar. Curd is regarded as the gut friendly food especially when your baby has diarrhea.

9. Carrot Juice:

Carrot-JuiceCarrot is well known to improve the vision. It increases the metabolism and boosts immunity system. This natural remedy helps relieving diarrhea in babies.

How to use:

  • Use carrot puree or juice to help your child retain the energy during the times of diarrhea.
  • It is the best remedy for the babies above one year of age.

10. Lemon:

LemonLemon are the rich source of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and plant compounds. Lemon reduces the risk of digestive issues, kidney stones, anemia, and cancer.This is one of the best remedies for diarrhea in babies.

How to Use:

Give your baby 4-5 a day spoonful of lemon juice that helps your baby to relieve diarrhea and other digestion issues. This natural remedy helps in restoring the PH level of the body.

11. Rice Water:


Rice water is effective in treating many skin infections and the health conditions including diarrhea. It offers energy and easy to digest during the times of stomach upset. Research by NCBI stated that Rice water helps in providing more calories during rehydration.

How to Use:

1. Take uncooked rice and wash it properly to remove the dust and impurities.
2. Now soak it in the water for 30 minutes and boil it for about 20 minutes.
3. When the rice is half cooked drain out some water and give it to your baby by adding pinch of salt.

12. Apple:

AppleApple is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and various antioxidants. It is one of the effective home remedy for treating diarrhea in babies. Studies suggest that Apple plays a key role in minimizing the dehydration.

How to Use:

1. Peel off the apple and cut it into small pieces.
2. Pour some water into the sauce pan and put these apple pieces into it.
3. Allow the apple pieces to boil on a low flame till they are soft.
4. Mash the pieces and serve it to your baby once they are cooled properly.

13. Arrowroot powder:


Arrowroot is a rich source of potassium, iron, and vitamin B. It promotes metabolism, circulation and prevents heart attacks. It is the best remedy to treat diarrhea in babies. It’s allergen free properties made it kids friendly.

How to Use:

1. Add the arrrowroot powder to the water or curd and feed it to your baby.

14. Breastmilk:

This is one of the best ways to stop diarrhea in babies. Breastmilk is the best remedy to treat diarrhea in babies. Its antibiotic content helps the baby to recover fast from the ill conditions. For the babies who are both breastfed and bottlefed, it is better to increase breastmilk.

15. Nutmeg:

NutmegIt is the well known natural medicine to detoxify the body and treat the indigestion.

How to Use:

1. Make the powder out of nutmeg and make a smooth paste by combining it with water.

Note: It is not recommended for the babies below 2 years of age.

16. Butter Milk:

Homemade buttermilk helps in fighting the germs and bacteria. It helps in soothing the digestive system and is healthy.

How to Use:

1. Add pinch of salt or black pepper to a glass of butter milk and give it to your baby.

Note: It is not recommended for the babies below 8 months.

When to Call Doctor for Diarrhea in Babies?


Diarrhea can be easily treated with some simple remedies at home. You should take your child to the doctor under the following conditions:

  • If your child has fever and abdominal pain
  • Dehydration that can not be controlled with fluids
  • Vomiting and the inability to tolerate the food that is taken in
  • Abdominal pain accompanied by bowel movements or bloody diarrhea.
  • If the symptoms do not improve even two to three days after using the home remedies.

It is necessary to call the doctor, if your baby is less than 6 months old and has the following symptoms along with diarrhea:

  • Fever above 102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Blood or pus in the stools

Tips to Prevent Diarrhea in Babies:

The most important things to follow to prevent illness in your child is to follow some hygiene tips. Here are a few tips that you should follow to keep your baby away from the illness:

1. Wash your hands after changing the diaper.
2. Because of diarrhea, your baby may get diaper rashes. To prevent the diaper rashes, change the diaper more frequently.
3. Do not use wipes when your baby has diarrhea. Prefer to clean your baby’s bottom with water. Allow your baby to have some diaper free time.
4. Wash the fruits and vegetables properly before feeding them to your baby.
5. Do not allow your baby to keep the toys and other things in the mouth.
6. Wash your hands before you feed the baby.

In conclusion, do not force your baby to eat anything during the episodes of Diarrhea. Diarrhea offers your baby most uncomfortable situations. Treat them in a gentle way and it is the best choice to take the babies below 1 year to the hospital before trying home remedies.