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Every mom would love to surprise her kids with something they love. The modern talented moms just wait for the occasions to come. The special occasions, festive and eve times are the best to celebrate with kids.

All the beautiful mothers! If you are planning to celebrate this Halloween with your kids, you must learn and teach them some craft ideas.

To make this Halloween the memorable one for your kids, you don’t need to give all your time. You need to invest a few of your minutes for the Halloween craft ideas. But the happiness and smiles come on your little ones face will be priceless.

Here you have some of the Halloween craft ideas to inspire you. Check them out!

Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids:

1. Lighten Pumpkin


Imagine your little pumpkin holding the Halloween pumpkin prepared. You can use the real pumpkin if it is handy for you. Making cute Halloween face on a real pumpkin is interesting and a play like a task for you.

Drop some fairy lights inside the pumpkin which looks bright. It is a win-win Halloween craft idea for your kids.

2. Paper Pumpkin


This is even more simple to do. It can be one of the many best Halloween craft ideas.

The triangle eyes and nose with the smile cut, the paper turns into a pumpkin. Give this face some bright yellow color for cute Halloween pumpkin. Your little one will love to do this fun act!

3. Paper Bats


Bats can be adorable! When the bats become a theme for Halloween, it is extremely cool. Cut out a piece of black paper into bat shape with extended wings. Give the paper bat some color and your kids will love this Halloween craft idea.

Your kids will love the colorful paper bats hanging around.

4. Little Black Kitten


Let the little black kitten say meow to your kids! As cats are symbolic idea for Halloween, you can use this simple idea.

You can make the black kitten with paper which is going to easy to do. All you need is a piece of black sheets and some color papers along with glue. Check this out.

You can also simply make a sponge black kitten and give it the big colored eyes. Aren’t these Halloween black kittens cute?

5. Black Cat Face


You can do this Halloween craft with paper for your kids. It will take a few minutes with less material.

Make a piece of black paper into a round shape and give it the scary big eyes and a cute little nose. Let the whiskers flare out and it looks like Halloween black cat. If you want to make even more simple, then you can do it with a paper plate as shown in above images.

6. Glitter Glue Spider Web


Spider webs are creepy! The creepy spider web getting glitters is beautiful. Your kids will find the creepy glitter spider web attractive.

Making a glitter glue spider is as simple as it sounds! You have to make a glue spider and add some glitter of your wish.

7. Hanging Spider


Let the Halloween spiders hang for your kids. You can make paper spiders, yarn spiders. The simplest way to create the Halloween theme for kids with easy crafts is hanging the crafted spiders.

You can just attach the paper sticks around the sphere shaped paper and hang it on with a thread. You have other idea to make Halloween crafted spider- take a paper plate and attach straws around the plate. This looks perfect! You can check out the above images for better idea.

8. Yarn Monsters


This seems like a tough job but not. Do you love to do pom poms? I love to do pom poms with yarn. So, just make the pom poms and stick the cute eyes to them. You can make enough pom pom the same way.

You can fix the yarn monsters on the plain surface or else hang them. This is a cool Halloween craft idea that every mom should try for their adorable kids.

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9. Halloween Slime


Wow! This is a total smart Halloween craft idea. The droopy slime can help in crafting some Halloween idea for your kids.

Fill the slime in a glass jar and give the jar tiny eyes and nose. You can create as many Halloween slime as you want. Fill the various coloured slimes which will be fun for your kids.

You can also attach the eyes and nose to the colour slime and let it droop. Your kids will love this fun Halloween craft idea with slime which is playful.

10. Spooky Cotton Ghosts Family


How can you just miss ghosts on Halloween day? Turning cotton into ghosts is simplest Halloween craft. Take the cotton balls and stick on a paper or cardboard. Just to make it look like mini ghost, attach the eyes and nose with black paper.

You can be little more creative with this idea of cotton ghosts. Let the cotton ghosts hang with the help of a thread. It is shown in the above image and it is self explanatory for you.

11. Rock Colourful Monsters



Here is another Halloween monster craft idea for your kids. Pick a few small size stones and you can easily make the colourful monsters.

This is an amazing idea for every creative mom! You just need to colour the stones and unevenly create the doodle face on them. It is going to be a perfect idea for Halloween theme. You can use the vibrant colors as shown in the below image.

Let your little monsters have a playful time with these rock colourful monsters.

12. Halloween Mummy With Glass Jar


Do you have enough glass jars at home? Then, you are not going to fall short with Halloween crafts for your kids.

Introduce these silent glass jar mummies to your kids. Take a first aid band and cover the glass jar and then stick the eyes to it. This simple Halloween craft idea creates the Halloween theme for kids.

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Just say boo with these Halloween craft mummies!

You are fun mommy for your kids when you come up with such brilliant Halloween craft ideas. Hope all these Halloween craft ideas will be part of Halloween theme for your kids.

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