21 Spring Crafts Ideas For Kids


Spring season is the transition from winter to summer. It gives both adults and kids a relief from the chilling winter. Offer the kids space to refresh by involving them in creative spring crafts.

Crafting involves few common stationery things easily available at home. It improves the creative thinking and helps kids enhance motor skills. You can see the smiles on their cute faces when they did a craft on their own.

This article discusses the benefits of crafts and presents the 21 easy spring craft ideas for kids.

Benefits of crafts for kids:


Crafts have so many developmental benefits for the kids. Here are the few:

1. Crafting helps in building the strong and stable foundation for future learning.

2. They improves self esteem and self confidence

3. Crafting encourages kids to bring out their creativity.

4. Crafting improves bilateral coordination. As they use both hands for crafting, it help them to perform the handy tasks well.

5. If children do the crafting activity in groups, it promotes bonding and improves healthy relationships.

6. It will improve your kid’s problem solving and critical thinking skills.

7. Crafting will teach your kid how to use the resources properly.

8. Crafts can be practised anywhere.

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids:

Spring season makes the nature more beautiful with the budding flowers, sunshine, insects emerging and flying etc. Here are some spring art and craft activities for toddlers.

1. Yarn Wrapped Tulip:


This is one of the best craft ideas for toddlers for spring. Yarn wrapping is great activity that enhances motor skills in your kids.

Things Needed:

Popsicle sticks

How to Make:

1. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a tulip and make your kids to wrap the tulip with the yarn.

2. Stick the popsicle stick to the back of the tulip flower

3. Finally, drop these tulips in a paper filled glass jar. Stuff the glass jar with color papers for good appearance.

2. Paper Plate Flower:


This is a simple craft idea that your toddler can easily do.

Things Needed:

Tissue paper
Paper plates
Glue and scissors

How to Make:

1. Fold the paper plate in half and cut the triangular shapes along the rim and open up the paper plate.

2. Make your kid scrunch the small torn pieces of tissue paper and stick it on the paper plate flower

3. Egg Carton Flower:


This craft is very easy which makes use of available things at home. This craft teaches kids how to make the useless things to useful.

Things Needed:

Acrylic paint
Egg carton
Paper straw
Pom poms
Paint brush

How to Make:

1. Cut out the four slots out of the egg carton.

2. Make your kid to paint the egg cartons with different colors.

3. Once the painting is dry glue the paper straw to the back of the egg carton. This represents stem of the flower.

4. Glue the poppom on to the centre of the carton.

5. Honey Bee Craft:


This is one of the best spring craft ideas for preschoolers. Bees are the perfect spring theme and you can make it simple by using paper roll.

Things Needed:

Paper roll
Wiggly eye stickers
Yellow, blue and black color papers
Glue and scissors.

How to Make:

1. Cut the yellow paper matching the width of the paper roll and glue it by wrapping around the roll.

2. Cut the strips out of black paper and glue on the bottom part of the paper roll.

3. Cut the wings out of the blue colored paper and glue them on either side of the paper roll resembling the wings of the bee.

4. Take two wiggly eye stickers and stick them on the paper roll. Draw the mouth with marker.

You can also try the different crafts like snowman, octopus, and ladybug with the paper roll.

5. Easter Wreath:


Things Needed:

Paper plates
Coffee filters
Water colors
Ribbon for hanging

How to Make:

1. Cut the centre of the paper plate and paint the rim. Paint the coffee filters as well.

2. Make the slits over the rim of the paper plates.

3. Make your kids to twist the coffee filters and pierce them through the slits on the paper plate rim.

4. Attach a ribbon for hanging.

Hang this wreath from at the doors or at the windows on the Easter day. Your little one may feel excited to see their craft to be decorated in the home.

6. Umbrella Paper Plate Craft:


This craft best fits the season as umbrella is frequently used in the spring.

Things Needed:

Paper Plates
Glue and scissors

How to Do:

1. Cut down a bigger semicircle from the paper plate leaving the smaller one aside.

2. Cut the bottom of the semicircle in the reverse scallop pattern for the bottom of the umbrella,

3. Cut out a small curve from the leftover semicircle and stick it at the bottom of the paper plate arrangement resembling umbrella holder.

7. Paper Plate Birds:


This is very creative art that enhances the creative skills of your kid.

Things Needed:

Paper plates
Wiggly eye stickers
Tissue paper
Color papers

How to Make:

1. Color the paper plate and fold it into two halves after drying.

2. Crumble the tissue paper pieces and glue them as the wings of the bird.

3. Cut long strips from the colored paper and glue them resembling the tail of a bird.

4. Make out the small triangular shape from the cardboard for beak and stick the wiggly eyes.

8. Egg Carton Chicks:


This craft will teach the kids the art of waste management.

Things Needed:

Egg cartons
Acrylic paints
Clothe pins
Glue, scissors and marker

How to Make:

1. Cut the two egg cartons and trim the excess edges. Glue the two egg cartons together.

2. Paint it and allow it to dry.

3. Attach the beak and wiggling eyes stickers. You can also mark the eyes with the color marker or paint.

9. Q-Tip Lamb Craft


Things Needed:

Card Stock
Scissors and glue

How to Make:

1. Cut out the lamb body and head from the card stock. Cut out the lamb body in stretched oval shape and head in the shape of an egg.

2. Cut out the tips from the Q-tips and glue them in a neat pattern all over the body of the lamb.

3. Stick Q-tips for lamb ears.

4. Stick the cloth pins to the back of this arrangement resembling the lamb legs.

10. Paper Pumpkin Craft:


Things Needed:

Orange, black and green color papers

How to make:

1. Cut out the orange color strips of the same width.

2. Take two strips and glue them resembling a cross.

3. Make out another set of cross and glue them over the first cross at a 45 degrees angle.

4. Take the bottom strips and glue them making a circle, repeat the same procedure with the other strips till you get a nice pumpkin.

11. Stone LadyBug Craft:


This is a simple craft which makes use of stones.

Things Needed:

Red and black paints or colors
Tissue papers

How to Make:

1. Take the bulgy over shaped small stones. Wash and dry the stones.

2. Make your kids to wrap the stones with the tissue paper as many layers as possible to bring the perfect shape to the bug body.

3. Paint the red color all over the body of the bug and put scattered black dots. Paint the black color near the mouth of the mouth.

4. Glue the wiggly eyes.

12. Mason Jar Lid Spider Craft:


Things Needed:

Mason jar lid
Cloth clips

How To Make:

1. Paint the mason jar lids with the desired color and glue the wiggly eyes.

2. Pin the cloth pins around the spider body.

13. Paper Cup Dogs:


This is one of the simplest crafts that your toddler can do on his own.

Things Needed:

Paper cups
Black colored paper

How to Make:

1. Place the paper cup upside down and glue the wiggly eyes.

2. Use the marker to draw the puppy nose and mouth.

3. Cut out the small oval shapes out of the black color paper and past them on the sides of the cup resembling puppy ears.

You can also make different crafts with paper glasses like fairy house, penguins, paper cup angles etc.

14. Plastic Bottle Flower:


Transform the empty plastic bottles into something beautiful by adding colors. Make your preschool kid try this craft.

Things Needed:

Plastic bottle

How To Make:

1. Cut out the above part of the plastic bottle as shown in the below picture


2.Trim the edges using the scissors

3.Allow the kids to color them with the paints of your choice.

3. To make the stem, take a floral wire and wrap it tightly between the lid and bottle in the place of protective ring.

You can also make your kids try other kinds of craft like flower vase with the plastic bottle.

15. Egg shell Candles:

Encourage the kids to be more creative by allowing them to do crafts with the available things at home.

Things Needed:

Egg shell
Metal tab
Soy candle wax

How to Make:

1. Thread the wick through the metal tab.

2. Stick the metal tab with wick to the bottom of the eggshell with hot glue gun.

3. Melt the soy candle wax through double heating and pour it inside the egg shells. While pouring the wax make sure to maintain tip of the wick on the top.

4. Make the kids to color the egg shell candle.

Teach your kids how to grow small plants in the egg shell.

16. Pencil flakes flower:


Pencil flakes are the best ever crafting material.

Things Needed:

Pencil flakes
Paper and colored pencils

How to Make:

Make the kids to draw any flower painting on paper and guide them in pasting the pencil flakes on the flowers. Allow them to paint the pencil flakes after sticking them on the paper.

17. Easter Basket Craft:


Savour the Easter season with your kids by involving them in crafting the Easter decorative item.

Things Needed:

Empty tissue paper roll
Popsicle sticks
Cardstock paper
Washi tape
Pipe cleaner
Glue and scissors

How to Make:

1. Take the empty tissue paper roll and cut it into two halves.

2. Cut out a small circle from the cardstock matching the radius of the tissue paper roll and glue it at the bottom of the roll creating a base.

3. Cut the Popsicle sticks into two halves and glue them around the tissue roll. You can color the popsicle sticks.

4. Decorate the basket with the washi tape.

5. Take the pipe cleaner of length as per your choice and glue the ends inside the tube making the handle for the basket.

18. Spoon Craft:


This is a simple spoon craft that your kids can do on their own. It requires few things like paints, colored paper and plastic glass.

19. Cork Stamped Flower Craft:


This craft will help kids achieve fine motor skills.

Things Needed:

White card stock
Acrylic paints
Tray which is flat to pour your paint
Craft sticks
Glue & Scissors

How to Make:

1. Stamp the flower on the white card stock with a single cork or to stamp the bigger flower use the seven corks as shown in the below picture


2. Dip the corks in paint and stamp them on cardstock.

3. Once it is dry cut out the flower stamps and glue the sticks making the flower stem.

4. Glue the buttons at the centre of each flower and place them in a vase or decorated plastic glass.

20. Mason Jar Crafts:


This is the simple craft which can be used as a decorative indoor and outdoor ornament all round the year.

It requires a few things to prepare like colors, tea light candle. Allow your kids to paint the mason jars and glue the tea light candle inside it.

21. Spring Bouquet with pom poms:


Things Needed:

Fine craft wire
Empty glass bottle

How to Make:

1. Stick one end of the yarn to the craft wire.

2. Put a drop of glue on the tip of craft wire and insert it deep into the pom pom.

3. Press it until the adhesive is firm.

4. Wrap the woolen threads around the wire and stick the lower end to the wire.

5. Prepare the rest of the flowers the same way. Once they are ready to drop them in an empty glass jar and use it as a decorative item.

Crafting is the best activity which teaches the kids how to use the things effectively. Allow your kids to engage in crafting this spring. The 20 best simple crafts are presented in this article.