How To Survive Sleep Away Camp? 7 Best Tips to Prepare


Summers are great for camps. It is a time very the kids relax, play and have fun without any pressure. As they get free from the academic pressure. At this period of time, both parents and children are in the process of preparing.

If you are taking a decision to give your child a gift of overnight summer camp experience and your kids has never been to sleep way camps. Don’t get panic or stress, everything is going to be perfect.

Just take a deep breath and read these tips for surving your kids at overnight camps at the end of the article.

Survival Guide For Sleep Away Camp:

Here are a few tips that makes the transition easier for you right from the before of the camp till they are back home.

1. Picking a Camp:

This is the very first step that you need to look upon as a parents before you send your kids for a sleep way camp. There are many summer camps that you come across with different activity and itinerary.

But it is you who have to take a decision in choosing or picking up a camp that is most priorities to you and you think that is best for your child. I know sometimes it will not line up with the expectation with few of your priorities.

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2. Make A Checklist:

You have to maintain a proper checklist of things that you send along with your child. There is no particular guarantee of what things will come and what will be the condition of it.

You should not get any stuff that you absolutely don’t need to and make sure you level the things that you need back home. You can let them what stuff you don’t care about.

3. Connect With Your Kids:

Connection your kids is one of the major steps that you need to take care of before sending your kids to summer camps. It really work greats to get the real scoop on a camp. Taking care of this stuff before helps you to stick to the extract stuff.

You can also find friends of your kids who are going to same camp as it will also find a better camper and it makes your kids more comfortable.

4. Try Sleepover:

This is one of the survival guide for sleep way camp that really works great for getting adjusted before the camp starts. For this what you need to do is practice being away from home at night time by making the kids to sleepover at the friends or grandma home.

I know it sounds wired or a bit uncomfortable. But trust me it is a practice for getting used to the feeling of unfamiliar and for gaining confidence in sleeping away from home.

5. Ask the Expert:

Asking the expert is one of the major and important steps that you can take as tips for surving your kids at overnight camps. They will help you and your family to plan and prepare for the sleep way camps.

This, as a result, will help you to get through the child first experience away from home. Expert always acts as an go to resources.

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6. Manage Expectation:

Managing expectation is one of the sleeping camps survival tips. You have to have a healthy conversation about the fears and concern of your kids towards the sleep way camp as it is their first experience away from home.

It is you who have to let them know and convince that it is completely normal and okay to feel in this manner. You have to be very positive.

7. Avoid the Long Tearful Goodbye:


Here come with another survival tips for sleep way camp. I can understand when the children leave home and go to the summer sleep way camp it is a very tough difficult situation for the parents and the children. This makes both of you anxious and sad.

Make sure you try to avoid the long tearful goodbye as you should feel proud that you love to you and your kids for whom you are doing it.

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Sleep a way camp isn’t just a great way for a kid to take some safe space and gain independence in their life. It is the same for a parent as well as it gives them also a quality “me“ time. I hope this article has given you a good information on tips for surving your kids at overnight camps.

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