15 Amazing Tips to Host a Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

Perfect Virtual Baby Shower Tips

Is there a new member ready to join your happy family? Then it’s time to celebrate it, which would probably be a baby shower. But gathering is not safe for the mom to be so the baby and even the guests too. Of course, you have technology as a medium of virtual celebrations. Regardless of pandemic, you can invite guests online, attend the baby shower, bestow their blessings to mother and child- exactly! It’s about hosting a virtual baby shower.

If you had this idea much before in your mind then don’t step back. Hosting a virtual baby shower is fun and moreover, the safest way to celebrate the new phase for the expectant mother.

You might need some ideas added to your creativity and passion while hosting the virtual baby shower. We are here to inspire you with amazing and super cool virtual baby shower ideas.

How to Host A Virtual Baby Shower?

1. Decide date and time

Virtual Baby Shower Date

Once you get an idea of a baby shower, fix the date and time. These details give you clarity on arrangements and follow the next steps.

Look for an auspicious day if you are particular and a weekend plan is much a favorable time. Check the availability of the guests and family members and most importantly the expectant mother’s convenience. Then you can go ahead with a well planned cute virtual baby shower.

2. Decide the Medium for Interaction

Virtual Baby Shower interaction

Virtual celebrations are possibly through trending apps like zoom, skype, google hangouts. Look for a medium of virtual baby showers as you are a host.

As you are hosting the baby shower, you must check the presence of invited guests. And be prepared with network issues and alternate options. A smooth network is a key for happy virtual celebrations. So, add it to your checklist.

3. Have an Enthusiastic Host

Have an enthusiastic host

It doesn’t mean a person who generated the celebration idea is supposed to be the host. Choose a person who is good at hosting and confident about taking up this fun challenge. The host must be active, creative, and spread positive vibes. Make sure you choose a dearest person to all for a happy virtual baby shower.

4. Send Virtual Invitations

Send virtual invitationsAs you decide on virtual invitations, you must start designing the virtual invitations. If the date is approaching soon then keep the invitations simple and short. If there is plenty of time left for the baby shower then you can even send personalized virtual invitations to your dear people.

Make sure you mention every important detail in the invitation. Add the details like date, time, medium of celebrations and the contact information. This can help you host the virtual baby shower amazingly. So, check the invitation prior to sending it finally to your guests.

5. Understand the Mom to be Expectations

mom to be expectations

After setting up the basics for a baby shower to go live on the scheduled date and time, there is something else you must not miss. It’s the expectations of mom-to-be.

Family members of the pretty mom-to-be may want to give her a surprise. And you can do it by secretly knowing her expectations. And it is fine to disclose the idea of celebrations too which gives you the freedom to know her expectations better. If you are hosting the virtual baby shower then don’t skip this step.

6. Pick a theme for Decor and Styling

Virtual celebrations are cheerful but with a theme. As you are the host of the online baby shower, have a theme that spreads positive vibes and makes everyone feel bliss. Choose a theme of decor, costumes of the mother to be and dress code for guests. These kinds of creative ideas can make the virtual baby warm, sweetest and make the mom feel special.

7. Plan to Reveal the Gifts

Plan to reveal the gifts

An auspicious day is incomplete without gifts. So, the mom will receive gifts of love from her loved ones.

Now, what’s the plan with unwrapping those gifts? Is it just to open the gift and name the person who gifted it? There must be a fun added to this beautiful segment. Ask the future mommy to guess the gift giver and it is going to be an amazing time of the occasion.

8. Have a Surprise for Mom to Be

surprise for mom to be

What’s the ultimate goal of the baby shower? You want the mom to indulge in the happiness she deserves, gets all the love, and be bestowed with tearful blessings.

The best idea is to give her a pleasant surprise. It could be the presence of her dear family member, friend, precious but little wishes coming true on the day. Before starting off the virtual baby shower, think of that wow factor for that beautiful lady. It leaves her all smiles!

9. Play Virtual Games

Play virtual games

Playing virtual games may get your childhood days back. Where we have the time to relax and play games. So, give it a chance to everyone with simple virtual games.

You can have guessing games, question, and answer games, or take on a fun task. Don’t include the mom to be in these games as it can be tiring. Let her sit back and enjoy others playing.

10. Schedule the Rituals

Schedule the rituals

Baby shower is a pleasant party and ceremony of rituals as well. If there are any rituals then don’t skip it. Fix a time to do the rituals which are supposed to be part of a real baby shower. Remember it is just a change of medium for celebrations where culture and traditions are still on mind.

You can let the elders of the family know when to do the baby shower rituals. And the guests can watch virtually. This can avoid a big gathering for everyone’s safety yet a fulfilment of culture and traditions if any.

11. Have Some Music and Dance

Have some music and dance

Add some music and dance to make it an enjoyable moment for everyone in the room and especially for the mom to be. But choose pleasant and low beat music and simple dance. It creates a celebrative vibe during a virtual baby shower.

12. Entertain the mom to be

Entertain the mom to be

Become cheerleaders for mom-to-be for her new phase- motherhood. For this, the future mom and the guests must be sportive. If you have all friendly and fun-loving people in the virtual room then add some entertainment to it.

13. Write Thank You Notes

Write thank you notesBeing a host, you must acknowledge the cooperation of guests and your supporters making it a lively celebration time. Send away the thank you notes or tell it out verbally before ending the virtual event. This is how you maintain harmony till the end of celebration be it virtual or real.

14. Virtual Dedications and Blessings

Virtual dedications and blessings

When you interact with the guests of the baby shower, they will express their thoughts and happiness for the mother to be. It is good to express positive thoughts to make it a happening event, not just the session.

The elderly ladies and dearest relatives may want to give their blessings and make some dedications like a sweet song or sing a lullaby for the infant. These are the best moments for a mother to be at a baby shower and why not online?

15. A pleasant Sign off

A pleasant sign off

As you are hosting the baby shower online, see that it has a pleasant sign-off. Let it wind up with positive words, wishes for everyone who attended the celebrations.

As a host, you can do it with all the ease. Some of the best ideas to make it an awesome sign off is to tell about your experiences when hosting the event. Keep it simple and add a witty line to make everyone laugh their heart out.

Being a successful host for an occasion of your loved ones is more a precious thing. So, it takes some tips as you might be new to virtual hosting. If you are planning for a virtual baby shower then take these tips of hosting it with all the bliss. There are certain things that may differ between in-person hosting and virtual hosting.

But boost your energy and enthusiasm to be a lovely host for the virtual baby shower and make the mom to be feel blessed, a valuable moment for all the family members, friends who are going to attend the session.

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