18 Amazing Apps Every Modern Mom Should Try In 2021

Amazing Apps Modern Mom

Being a mom is a multitasking role while she becomes a hustle queen, woman on th wheels, super cool for her kids, a guide or backbone sometimes and just a parent other times. When being a mom is so tough, she definitely needs some helping hand to keep everything in place. So, the help could be from her phone with the must have apps designed only for moms.

Modern moms are blessed with helpful apps that guide them to manage multiple things, make accurate financial decisions and set reminders to not skip anything out of their busy mind. You will love motherhood, womanhood even more as you explore the different dimensions of the world with technology as your companion. Every app helps you grow, manage multi tasks, and improve your parenting.

You may find thousands of apps but you must only rely on trustworthy, safe, user friendly apps. A list of amazing apps in 2021 are suggested here for every wonderful mamma out there. Be it a working mom, mom at home or both but these apps are for all the moms who want that support.

Which Is The Best App For Modern Mommy?

These apps follow you to connect with other local moms, make a group, communicate with them and to know that you are not alone in the race of motherhood. You will rejoice at this phase of your life using these apps made for moms.

1. Cozi


Cozi app! It sounds like a warm word and truly the app is. The app assists you to stay connected with your family as you can share the to do list, set reminders and share grocery lists with them. An interesting feature of this app is a family journal where you can note all the memories.

You can access the app in your mobile phones including IOS and android or PC. Finding a free app with brilliant features is a game changer for moms.

2. Baby connect

Baby connect

One of the best apps that modern mothers have is baby connect. I would particularly recommend the app for new mothers who are striving to handle the new duties without any compromise.

Taking care of newborns is no easy job as you are new to their sleeping pattern, feeding time, diaper changes. While you are learning and developing a bond with your baby, you don’t want to compromise in any way. You need to take care of your baby and yourself too.To avoid the mess, install this app as well so you keep track of naps, diaper change, feeding, baby milestones and health updates. Registering these details is not possible so here is the savior app for you.

3. Peanut


Do you have a friendly neighbour? No?

Never mind! Peanut app. Motherhood is not only hectic but gives you mental stress of loneliness sometimes which makes you want like minded people around. World is bigger than our imagination and you will realize it through this app.

You can just find moms like you who want to be friends with other moms. Sharing experiences, expressing gratitude and raising each other can stake your stress off. So, just join this app and meet other moms, create groups, olan for meet ups. It’s a lovely healthy community!

4. Wonder weeks

Wonder weeks

As your baby grows, you are amazed by every adorable action but there will be times that make you perplexed with their changes. At this stage, every mother reaches out to a source that explains the baby’s behaviour, developmental changes. So, this is the perfect source if you want that extended knowledge of a growing baby.

The app describes which leap is going on and explains the basic things during the stage. You must keep the notification on to get the updates for leap change.

5. FitMama


Few moms are great at keeping up their each and every responsibility but forget to take care of themselves. I recommend this apo to every mom who must start taking her health as a priority and work on fitness.

Suggest this app to a mom who needs it as a motivation, reminder of her own wellness and health. It has 5-10 minute exercises for working moms or stay at home moms without equipment. This is a need for every busy mom!

6. Playground buddy

Playground buddy

Having a toddler kid is loads of fun with their cute actions. They also throw tantrums craving for outdoor freedom and to manage all that, you have a playground buddy.

You can find the nearest playgrounds and kids zones to let your kids free. Be it in your town or a new place, you can seek guidance from this platform. You can save your favourite spots and find directions for new places. It has a database of nearly 200000 spots worldwide that fasten your search and take your kid for a fun ride.

7. WebMD


Any change in your baby’s health can be panicking as a parent and the situation is such that you immediately look for medical help. Most other changes in babies are normal yet it is stressful for new moms. Hecne, WebMD is a must have app for every new mother to receive the information related to babies.

Information displayed on the app is approved by professional doctors. It helps you to track the emergency solutions at home, check the symptoms, and basic caring tips for babies. It is a platform where you will receive health updates for 2 years based on your child’s age. Such a precious app is free on any device.

8. Instant playdates

Instant playdates

If you have a baby over 1 year or above then let them explore the colors of the world. And even you need support to find enthusiasm for a happy motherhood. All this is possible if you are willing to join Instant playdates app.

The app is to catch up the moms with babies of your baby’s age. You can schedule the play dates for fun with whom you are friends on social media. This app is only available on iTunes for free.

9. Magic sleep

Magic sleep

Your baby’s nap time is the best time of all! But putting babies to sleep is harder. You must be wondering how your child was cooperating with you in the womb and why not now.

However, the last resort for your cute little one is Magic sleep. This is an app to recreate the sounds in the womb to make your newborn sleep. The app is available on most of the platforms for a cost of 3.99$. It’s worth spending on such a valuable app. Hope you would find it helpful!

10. Day one

Day one

The app sounds creative and truly it is. Once your baby is born, you want to capture every moment to treasure the memories for life. Capturing every moment maintaining a paper journal or an album is a two way work. But you need not compromise being a best mom aa you have Day one app to all these process less things.

The app has the features of collecting photos along with journal, tags and others. You can export the collection converting it into PDF. For your information, it is a priced app available only on iTunes.

11. Breathe think do

Breathe think do

The app works on three things: breathe, think and do. Kids these days are stubborn, aggressive and throw tantrums every now and then. Which is why every mom must have this app to calm down their kids with research based techniques. It is an interactive app that shows kids emotional vocabulary and breathing techniques. You can let your children use this app rather than just trying to discipline them.

12. Cloud baby monitor

Cloud baby monitor

Keeping a watch on your baby while managing other chores and tasks is a bit difficult. You stick to the crib to take care and protect your little one. But how can this get tougher if you have too many things to do in a day. So, here comes the cloud baby monitor to watch your sleeping, eating baby while you are in the other room or space.

When you wake up, you can pay all the attention they need as soon as they get out of sleep. Hundreds of mothers rely on this app to keep a watch on their bundle of joy while happily snoozing. It lets you also work without pressure or worry.

The app automatically connects to ISO, android, MAC without any configuration. It costs 6.99$ which is worth a buy to make parenting effortless.

13. Waze


You must be extra careful with kids as any minor discomfort can give you a tough time. Getting caught in road traffic is an unfortunate situation but you can manage it with the waze app. The app provides you with real time notifications on traffic jams, busy roads, accidents and the possible hazards with the help of community based navigation.

You can even save time while you are driving as it finds the fuss free ways and helps you reroute. And another great feature is assisting you to find the cheapest gas station nearby which saves money. It is one of the best and must have apps for moms in 2021 to avoid discomfort for their kids. You can use the app for free and it is available for both iOS, android.

14. Mom Maps

Mom Maps

Traveling with babies is fun but choosing a comfortable ambience is always appreciated. While you are visiting a new place, it may not be easy to find kid friendly spots. Kids crying and making noise can embarrass their parents while everyone around is watching them. Many parents face this problem but you can’t blame yourself or your baby. You just have to be wise and choose the right place.

So, this app is totally at your service to share the restaurants, parks, cafes, museums and many more interesting places that are also kid friendly. You can take your child along with you without any hesitation.

15. Sit or squat

Sit or squat

Moms with little babies and toddler kids always refuse to picnic for one reason and that’s- public restrooms. Finding a clean restroom carrying a child can be a deal. So, does it stop you from exploring the places? Actually, you need not stay locked just because you have kids and not when you have an app like Sit or Squat.

The app helps you to find clean public restrooms and it is a good option for new moms. The app indicates if the nearby restrooms are clean or not. Green indicates “good to go” and red indicates “hold it a little longer if you can”. It is awesome to avail such good services for free and it is open for iOS and android users.

16. Milk Maid

Milk Maid

If you are a new mom who is pumping breast milk for your baby then you must have a milk maid. Storing the pumped milk and using it needs a time tracker as you must not feed the milk over the exceeded time. This app can make it easy for new moms who want to be an inventory, have a track on pumping sessions, and label milk by pumping the date for separate containers. The app also allows you to estimate how long the pumped milk lasts. It is only available for iOS users and priced.

17. Firstcry


The most favourite app for thousands of parents is firstcry. It makes the mom job easier and smarter offering many brands at your fingertips. It helps you filter and choose the products for skin care, baby’s clothing and other baby essentials. Not only for babies but also provides the options for mommy essential as self care is important too.

You can chat and interact with other moms to help and seek help from them about various products. Any shopping related questions can be asked to other moms which gives you confidence.

18. Sheroes


You need to empower as a woman, as a mother in every phase of your life. But you don’t have to travel alone for a happy motherhood journey as you have other moms in the same boat. Sheroes is an app that helps you join the communities of your interests. Childbirth must never be a reason that collapses your dreams. Take the help of this app where you can interact with other mothers, feel secure, share your ideas and experiences. It is a platform to exchange your views and write your growth story to inspire other mothers. You can use the app being a mom at home or working mom or even both.

You have a big list of apps to get that additional support. But your choice of app must go for the suitable one based on your baby’s age, your phase of motherhood, your challenges and other such important factors. An app with befitting criteria deserves a place in your phone. And you can have more than 1 to many apps for every required feature. All the above mentioned apps are the best companions to moms of the modern world.

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