Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers


Is your child born in winter? Are you afraid of outside weather? This article takes you through the ideas to make your winter birthday bash cheery.

Winter is a time of refreshment and it brings Christmas jingle bells. People welcome winter season with campfires. Winter parties add the magic season to your party. Follow the simple and inexpensive theme, activity and food ideas to keep your kids entertained for hours.

This article discusses the ways to keep outdoor birthday party warm. It presents the winter birthday party ideas for toddlers.

How To Plan Winter Birthday Party?


Spring and summer birthdays make the way for inexpensive celebrations, stress free indoor and outdoor options.

Winter is the coldest season of the year. Outfits and venue plays a prominent role for winter parties. Winter parties have to be accompanied with some activities that adds the winter flavors to the party.This article gives the best ideas that make your winter party special.

Here are the few tips for planning winter birthday party:

1. Choose Venue:

You may host your party at home or at the places which are winter friendly.

A. Here are the few possible winter venues:

  • Restaurant
  • Movie Theatre
  • Dance Studio
  • Indoor Pool

An indoor or outdoor ice skating rink

B. Budget friendly Birthday Venues:

If you do not want to spend lots of money for booking space. Here are the few budget friendly venues

  • Backyard
  • Public parks
  • Beaches
  • Forests
  • Camp grounds

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2. Plan Activities Based on Your Party Theme:

The first step in throwing the best winter party activities is to select the theme. Plan the activities that go well with the theme.

3. Create a Bonfire Party:

Having a bonfire party adds winter swings to your party. Pick a place in your backyard to have the fire and arrange chairs around it. You can roast marshmallows in the fire.

Follow the below safety tips while arranging the bonfire party.

  • Don’t build a bonfire too high
  • Never light the bonfire with petrol
  • Keep a bucket of water and sand near by.
  • Always follow the instructions while lighting the fireworks
  • Never go or allow kids to go near by the lit firework.
  • Never throw the used fireworks into bonfire
  • Ensure children are wearing gloves and not wearing loose clothes.

4. Pick a Party Theme:

Picking a party theme at first will help you in designing invitations, planning decoration, activities and food items.

The best winter party themes will be discussed later in this article.

5. Make and Send Party Invitations:

Invitations are the the best way to build excitement towards attending your party. You can create your own invitations using microsoft word or power point. Make sure to include Date and time, venue, and party theme in the invitation.

Also include if the guests need to bring anything. For example, if it is a sleepover ask your guests to bring blankets and pillows. Either post your invitations or give them to your guests in person. You can also send your invitations through digital media like Email.

6. Serve Warm Drinks:

Serve your guests warm drinks which can give them warm comfort.

Some of the best winter drinks include

1. Hot chocolate
2. Hot Vanilla Milk
3. Pumpkin soy latte

7. Make Finger Foods:

Make sure to choose the foods that most children love.Most of the kids are picky eaters. If you try something new, most of the kids may not eat. Plan the menu with the familiar and colorful finger foods that every kid likes.

Here are the few finger foods:

  • Mini Pizzas
  • Taco Bar
  • Sandwiches
  • Tortilla chips and chips
  • Rainbow cupcakes

Kids Winter Birthday Party Ideas:


Winter parties are hard to plan. Because, there could be snow storm preventing the guests from driving.

Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Birthday Party Warm:

Winter prevents you from making outdoor party ideas. If you are planning for outdoor party, here are the few ways to keep warm outdoor winter birthday party.

A. Fireplaces & Heaters:

Arrange bonfire at the centre of your party space. You can keep your party space decorative by using hanging patio heaters, or by placing freestanding and portable chimineas on each table.

You can also use candles and soft lighting.

B. Cozy Furniture:

Offer warm comfort to your guests by providing them cozy cushions so that they will not have to sit on cold furniture.

Decorate the party space with cozy bright colored blankets to make your guests feel warm. You can also attach crafts to the blankets.

C. Serve Drinks:

Serve your guests hot drinks like hot toffee chocolate, hot apple cider, peppermint hot chocolate etc.

Steaming mug of cocoa, topped with little amount of marshmallows energizes kids and keeps them cozy.

Here are the few theme ideas, activity & game ideas and food ideas which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor party.

Theme Ideas:

The entire party should be based on your theme. All the things like invitations, cake design, games, activities, colors, venue, favors, plates, napkins, cups revolve around the theme. This will help you to make the party best event ever.

1. Snow Flake Theme:


This is a simple theme with glittered snow flakes made from the cardboard hanging to the winter woods. You can place this winter woods decorated with snowflakes all around the party space to add real winter flavor to your party.

2. Magical Harry Potter Theme:


Decorate your space with hanging candles that adds magic mood to your party.

Place halloween lights on the table to add more reality. Make sure to plan the things matching the theme.

3. Glow Party Theme:


Glow party theme requires materials made with neon, because it glows in the dark. Decorate with neon balloons, neon lights, neon tableware.

The things that you need to supply to the guests are-Glow necklace, bracelets, glow sticks, glow ear rings, neon masks. This adds more fun and color to the party.

4. Wonderland Party Theme


Bring the winter to the party with this theme. It can be easily decorated with blue lights, winter woods, snow globe.

You can also place the white coloured balls and snowman all over the venue.

5. North Pole Party:


Add winter flavor to your party by bringing the arctic creatures like polar bears, penguins, reindeer, and snow man. Build igloos out of sugar cubes.

6. Bubbles Party:


Kids love blowing, chasing and popping the bubbles. Arrange the bubbles blowing machine for a constant flow of bubbles and arrange plenty of individual bubble bottles.

This bubble bowing arrangement will make the kids at the party to have unlimited fun.

Activity & Game Ideas:

Winter parties prevent kids from playing in the backyard. Here are the few activities and games to put smile on their faces.

1. Crafting:

Engage your kids with crafting to dig their creative skills.

Allow the kids to make winter crafts like penguin, snow man, snow flakes, and arctic creatures. You need to keep the following things ready for this activity.

  • Paper Plates
  • Toilet Paper roll
  • Cotton balls
  • Buttons
  • Craft sticks
  • Clothe pins
  • Colored Papers
  • Glue
  • String for hanging

These are the some of the things that will help to make crafts. You can also add the things that you think will help out to make crafts.

Snow Flake Craft


This is snow flake craft made from the craft sticks and glittering materials which adds real winter flavor to the party.

2. Treasure Hunt:

An indoor space is a perfect place for treasure hunt. Hide the purchased treasure gifts all around the house. Make the kids to engage in search of treasures with the hints and puzzles.

You can see their little faces flood with excitement and happy as they find hidden treasures by exploring hints/solving puzzles.

3. Jingle Bell Rock:

Jingle-Bell-RockFill a tissue box with jingle bells and ask the children to dance out as many jingle bells as they can out of the tissue box.

4. Marshmallow Straw Race:


Make the kids to stand around the table. Scatter the marshmallows all around the table. Ask the kids to pick up the marshmallow with a straw and drop them in a the glass which is placed in front of each kid. At end of the game with more number of marshmallows wins the race.

5. Snow in the Chimney:


Divide the kids into teams. Give each team an empty box with the hole on the top. Ask the kids to throw white paper rolled snow balls on to each other targeting the opponents chimney. The player who has got more number of snowballs into the opponents chimney wins the game.

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Winter Party Food Ideas:

1. Egg Snowman


This egg snowman is the best recipe idea for the winter birthday party of your toddler. It is very easy to make and kids will love to eat this egg snowman.

2. Snowflake Cupcake:


This gorgeous looking cupcake with icing snowflake pinned at the centre will be loved by kids very well.

3. Creamy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate:


This is one of the cute winter recipes. Kids will warm up with this creamy delicious recipe.

4. Melted Yogurt Olaf Cups:


These yogurt filled cups with the frozen character topping would fit perfectly at any winter birthday parties. To make it more healthier use greek yogurt.

5. Pretzel Sticks:


Serve the kids the glittered chocolate coated pretzel sticks. This sticks seem magical and give kids tons of fun to eat.

Your kid no longer has to be jealous of other kids born in winter, who get to celebrate their birthday outdoor with more number of guests. Incorporate the flavor of winter season to your party with the winter birthday party ideas for toddlers discussed in this article.