10 Brilliant New Year Eve Party Decoration Ideas

10 Brilliant New Year Eve Party Decoration Ideas

New Year’s Eve party is the last big night of the year giving another opportunity for the family and friends to gather and enjoy it together. In order to make this night special and memorable, we have got some amazing New Year decoration ideas for sparkling up your place. There are few New Year party ideas you can DIY yourself.

We have listed a range of ideas for you, which you can also leave them as a decor all year or re-use. Get ready to sparkle up everything and take your new year’s spirit to the next levels. The best part is there are no rules to deck your place in a particular way or dress up in a particular style. New Years all about letting loose and having fun. Throwing a great New Year party is the perfect way to end the year and welcome the beginning of a new year. Enjoy these amazing New Year party ideas ranging from balloon decorations to the star garlands and some glittering decorations to make it a great party.

1. Balloon Decoration:

Balloon Decoration
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Pick up some black and Golden balloons especially the gas balloons. Get some curling ribbons and attach it to the balloon as shown. Fill the room with the balloons to get the crazy party feeling. You can also stick some stars or any other decorative items to the end of the ribbons. In such a case you do not leave your guest with an option to dance all night.

2. New Year Candles:

New Year Candles
Image Source: Pinterest.com

What’s a holiday without the flickering warm glowing set of candles? All you need you would be few drinking glasses, taper candles, silver beads from a garland. And all you need to do would be to fill each glass with the Silver beads half way. Insert the Candle taper as shown in the picture. This makes an amazing New Year’s Eve candle cocktail. The best home New Year party decoration ideas which would not take a lot of time to set up.

3. Bottle Decorations:

Bottle Decorations
Image Source: Pinterest.com

When it’s about Christmas and making a decor for New Year, the best is to recycle the bottle of wine or the champagne bottles. Your New Year’s Eve party decorations could put a few of those recycling bottles in use for decor. All you need would be 4 bottles preferably of different shapes to make it look unique. You might need metallic Spray paint comma some number stencil, glitter papers, stem wire, curling ribbon, and tape. The directions are very simple way you need to obviously start with cleaning the
The directions are very simple:

  • First, start with cleaning the bottle first inside and out.

  • To remove the labels from the bottle, use hot soapy water to soak the bottle for 10 to 15 minutes and then peel the label.

  • It is good to remove any glue remaining on the bottle with the nail polish remover. Once the bottle is completely clean, allow it to dry completely.

  • Make sure you do the next steps in a well-ventilated area – paint the bottle with the metallic paint and color of your choice.

  • Read the instructions on the spray can and follow it. Let it dry completely.

  • Now, trace the number (2018 in our case this year, the picture is an old one from 2015) and cut it out trace the number on the glitter paper and cut it out.

  • Using a stem wire, tape it to the back of the numbers

  • Put these stems into the bottle, cut the sizes such that they are not too long.

  • Using the curling ribbon, cut pieces of it using Scissors. Add Ribbons to the base and mouth of the bottle.

You can place the centerpiece either on your dining table or on the entry way on a coffee table. An excellent DIY, Which makes an excellent welcome to the New Year.

4. Bottle Flower Pot:

Bottle Flower Pot
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Similar to the above idea instead of using the numbers you can also arrange some beautiful roses into it. Look at the picture and try to replicate the look.

5. Lighting Bottles:

Lighting Bottles
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Using the same bottle ideas, another brilliant New Year eve decor brilliant would be to use the bottle as a source of light. Look at the picture where we have used the beverage bottle and inserted series lamp in it. One of the simplest New Year’s Eve decoration where on you would need to do is clean the bottle and remove its labels and insert the lights.

6. Paper Garland For New Year:

Paper Garland For New Year
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Make this DIY Paper garlands for your home decor this New Year. All you would need is stash cards, golden glitter, glue and fish thread. Using a stencil cut star shapes from the stash cards and paint it golden. Either you can have one side of the star card glued with golden glitter or every alternate star could be could be glittered one. Using appropriate size of the fish thread, according to your wall, start gluing up the stars with a gap of 5 to 7 inches in between. If you have a sewing machine you can also sew the stars together in some gaps. Use it as a decor either in the entrance or one portion of your room.

7. DIY Glittering Lanterns:

DIY Glittering Lanterns
Image Source: Pinterest.com

You can make this fabulous glittering sparkling silver lanterns using some glitter and plain paper lantern. The plain paper lanterns are easily available in a store or online. Look at the picture above where all you need to do is apply the Glue on the lantern and Sprinkle some glitters to let it dry and sparkle your party.

8. Cheers Garland:

Cheers Garland
Image Source: Pinterest.com

You can make amazing garland for your new year decoration. Using the stars card and stencil, cut the word “cheers”. With some glue and glitters, sparkle it up. On a thread, hang or stick the alphabets and hang it on the door or the wall.

9. Wall Hanging:

Wall Hanging
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Using tissue paper you can make such amazing craft items to decorate your home. Make flowers or Pompoms by using the paper and decorate. Take square pieces of tissue paper, pinch the center of the paper and bring together the four ends. Using a string tie the pinched portion such that it looks like a flower. Repeat this with multiple colors of tissue paper. Now, what a cardboard, make 3-D letters and stick these tissue paper flowers inside to look like the one shown in the picture above. You can make various words for your party instead of just using “fab”.

10. Glow Balloons:

Glow Balloons
Image Source: Pinterest.com

This new year you can have all unique lighting elements to get the party feeling. We have already mentioned few ideas in the points above for contemporary lighting sources. This is another simple New Year eve party decoration idea where you can use glow sticks inside the balloon and place it in the corner of a room on the floor. As the evening grows darker, it is surely going to set up a party mood along with it.