16 Easy Recycling Activities For Kids


With the increasing technology, our environment is under the threat. So, it is more important to make the next generations aware of some ways that help to protect and preserve the environment. Recycling is one among those activities. This article takes you through some of the best recycling activities that are best to do with your kids.

Landfills are increasing day to day these days. Recycling will help to reduce landfills and many more negative impacts on the environment.

This article discusses the benefits of recycling. It presents the activities for recycling.

What Is Recycling?

The recycling actually is the process of converting waste into the reusable material. Alternative to waste disposal, this process helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces the use of fresh material and preserves it for the future use. It has many other benefits that will be discussed later in this article.

Benefits of Recycling:


Recycling plays a prominent role in the reduction of modern waste. Recycling benefits both the environment and the community.

Here are a few benefits that recycling offers the environment:

1. Reduces the pollution:

Recycling reduces the pollution caused by the waste by reducing the harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases that are released from the rubbish in the landfills.

2. Reduces habitat destruction:

Recycling reduces the need to cut down the forests for making the new materials. Thereby it helps in preserving the forest. Recycling saves the forests which are the homes for many animals.

3. Preserves natural resources:

A lots of energy is required to make the products from the raw materials. Recycling does not require much energy thereby it helps to preserve the natural resources.

Recycling benefits for the community:

Here are a few benefits that people in the community get from the recycling:

1. Reduces Landfills: Landfills are increasing day to day. Landfill are more likely to increase especially in the developing countries. Recycling helps to reduce the landfills and make use of the space effectively.

2. Recycling creates jobs: EPA identified the significant economic benefits that the recycling offers. The study found that recycling accounted for 7,57, 700 jobs in the united states alone.

3. Reduces the financial expenditure: The products which are made from the raw materials cost more when compared to the ones that are made from the recycling.

4. Preserves elements of the nature for the future use: Recycling reduces the need for the natural resources and uses less energy while manufacturing the products. Therefore it helps in preserving the valuable elements of the nature like energy, natural resources for the future use.

Fun Activities For Kids To Learn About Recycling :

Recycling is not a very typical task, it’s all about taking something old and converting it into something useful.

1. Recycle Plastic Containers:


The usage of plastic is surge to the peaks these days. The main reason why the plastic has gained the prominence is it being manufactured in the more handy and creative ways. The plastic bottle that you throws today sits in the landfills or floats in the ocean for thousands of the years.

Teach your kid to do some crafts with the plastic. You can make your kids to do some flowering pots with the plastic bottles and paint them.

2. Make your kids to participate in the community clean up activities:


Make your kids to join hands with you in the community clean up activities. Collect the recyclable materials and ensure that they properly reached the recycling facilities. This activity helps in adding the good texture to your surroundings and allows your kid to learn about the recyclable things.

3. Make a bird feeder:


This activity allows the kid to know how cheaper to use recyclable materials instaed of buying the most expensive things.

Make your kids to build a bird feeder with the egg carton to feed the birds that arrive your backyard.

4. Trash sorting:


This is the best outdoor activity. Take the kids to outdoors and help them to sort out the things. Allow the kids to gather the trash and throw them into the separate bins. This creative activity allows the kids to know about the recyclable things

5. Make your kids to practice the recycle symbol:


Allow your kids to draw the recycle symbol and make it a part of drawing and painting. This activity allows the kids to easily identify the recycle cans in the public spaces.

6. Make your kids to read some books:


Allow your kids to read some books that help them to understand the beauty of the nature. Let your child to know the importance of the elements of nature from rocks to trees and animals. Make your kid to know the art of recycling. Here are a few kids books for recycling:

● The dump man treasures
● Here comes the garbage man
● Heal the Earth
● Don’t throw that away!

There are some apps from which your kid can learn about recycling.

Here is the list of top recycling activities for kids:

● Gro Garden
● Gro Recycling
● The picnic

7. Birdhouse:


Make your kids to build the colorful birdhouse from the empty milk or juice cartons. This activity teaches your kid to love the nature. It also allows them to know about recycling and enhances creativity in them.

8. Rainbow Crayons:

This is one of the best recycling activities with toddlers. You will find many broken and old crayon pieces in your kid’s bag. Your kids will simply throw them at one day. Allow your kid to make rainbow crayon from the pieces of old crayons.

Here are a few steps to prepare rainbow crayons:

● Gather all the old and broken crayons and cut them into small pieces.
● Preheat the oven to 250 degree Fahrenheit.
● Fill the muffin tins with the crayon pieces of 1 inch height.
● Bake this for 15-20 minutes till the wax gets melt.
● Pop them out of the muffin tin once they are cooled down.

9. Art with newspapers:


Newspapers come into our home every day. Newspapers are the one of the all time going trash in our home.

Encourage your child to make some crafts with news paper by cutting them into desired shapes. Your kids can paint some pictures on the newspaper. Ask your kid to hang these crafts in their room. This activity makes your kid more conscious about the environment.

10. Make recycling posters in your kid’s room:


Stick the recycling posters everywhere in your kids room. This makes your kid to grow interest and low towards recycling.

11. Make your to use old car tires:


This is one of the best activities for toddler about recycling.You may have old and unused car tires in your home which may go into the dump one day. Ask your kids to make comfortable seats with the help of car tires by placing a cushion in the gap.

Ask your child to wash the tires properly and paint them once they are completely dry. Help your kid in finding a cushion that fits into the tire. This can be placed in the backyard. You can also help your kid in making a swing from the car tyre that can be hanged in your backyard.

12. Paper Bags:


Say good bye to plastic bags and invite paper and cotton reusable bags. Making paper bags is one of the easiest processes that you can easily do at your home.

Help your kids in making the paper bags. Ask your kids to paint the paper bags for the good appearance.

13. Paper plate birds:


Paper plates are one of thew mostly used things. We can find these plates everywhere. You can make your kids to do some crafts with the paper plates.

Help your kids in making the birds with paper plates and and paint them. Encourage your kids to stick some wiggly eyes and a colour tail to the birds.

14. Pencil holder:


Soft drink cans can be turned something into most useful. Make your kid to prepare a beautiful pencil holder from the empty cans and empty tissue rolls. Place the pencil holders in your kids room. This makes your kids to feel proud of their art and encourages then to do more recycling activities.

15. Donate toys and clothes:


This is one of the best activities for kindergarten recycling. Donation is the best practice of helping other children. Instead of throwing away their toys and clothes ask your child to pick some of their belongings for the donations that can be used by the other kids.

16. Turn food waste into compost:


It is one of the fun and creative activities for your preschooler. Help children to sort out from the leftovers the things that are good for the plants. Arrange a compost bin in your backyard and help your child to sort out the trash. Make your kid comfortable with the terminology of biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

In conclusion, If the landfills continue to grow, we don’t know what will happen to the environment and the humans after the few years. It is must to educate the future generations about the benefits of recycling. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids about recycling with some interesting recycling activities.