21 Role Play Activities For 2 Years Old


2 years old kid wants to be busy all the time. Don’t you think that kids at this age require more creative and interactive activities that will sharpen their brains? Roleplay activities are one of the useful activities beneficial for growing kids.

Roleplay activities are a great way to put forward the imagination of kids while they are playing. These activities will help the parents to teach things to their kids in a much easier way. These activities will offer the kids platform to learn life skills.

This article discusses the benefits of role play activities. It presents the creative role play activities for 2 years old.

What are Role Play Activities?


It is a speaking activity of putting oneself into somebody’s shoes. It can also be regarded as the activity that allows one to stay in their own shoe and put themselves in an imaginary situation.

The joy that lies in the role play activities is that the kids can be anyone they like for a short period. These are fun and interesting ways to explore and learn new things.

Benefits of Role Play Activities:


Here are a few benefits of role play activities as a part of your kid’s playtime:

1. Promotes confidence and self – esteem:

Roleplay activities make the kids deal with various kinds of situations. They offer the kids a safe environment to handle the situations for the first time. This makes the kids boost their self-confidence. Kids who are active at role play activities likely to take an active part in social activities.

2. Provides children an opportunity to explore, investigate, and experiment:

Roleplay activities make the kids explore the new things and investigate, experiment on them to have a better understanding of the things. This kind of observation from childhood is very helpful for the kids when they reach their school age.

3. Enhances creative problem solving:

Roleplay activities allow your kid to execute the things in more creative manner. They help them to enhance the problem-solving skills.

4. Allows the kid to imitate the real world scenarios:

It helps your child to understand the situations that happen in the world around them and put into their play. This way helps the kids to be aware of the world and the situations around them and respond accordingly.

5. Helps children to learn different cultures:

Role play activities are the platforms where the kids get a chance to learn different cultures. This awareness helps them to collaborate with the people of different cultures.

6. Enhances their social skills:

Role play activities makes the kids to interact with other kids or sometime they speak with their own toys. This helps the kids to learn some basic social skills that makes their interaction easier.

7. Encourages children to express their feelings:

Role play activities provide a friendly environment for the kids to express their thoughts and feelings freely.

8. Makes learning easy:

Role play activities helps the kids by making the learning easier and more creative. You can teach the kids the lessons which they feel difficult through the role play so that the kids can remember them for the longer time.

Best Role Play Activities For 2 Year Olds :

Here are a few role play activities that you can teach your kids at the age of 2 years:

1. Doctor-Patient Role Play:


Doctor is one of the most responsible profession in the society. This role play makes the kids more prepared for the doctor visits. It also helps them to be more comfortable with the medical terminology like temperature, cold etc.

Allow your kid to take turns as doctors, nurse, and patients and encourage them to think of the ailments that they can treat. Encourage your kids to come up with the more creative ideas.

2. Teacher-Students Role Play:


This is one of the best role play activities for kindergarten. This role teaches the kids discipline. Make your kids to have their toys as the students and ask your kids to teach them some lessons from their books. Encourage your kids to use the white board.

3. Bank Role Play:


Ask your kids to make some currency with the paper. This role play allows the kids to learn some terms like loans, EMI, teller, and interest.

Allow your kid to take the role of cashier, bank manager. This is the best way of introducing money kids and helps them to learn some math skills.

4. Library Role Play:


This activity allows your kid to know the basic rules that the library follows. Let your child to organize the books, and arrange the library cards. This activity allows the kid to learn some basic logics like addition and subtraction. It also teaches them to learn the art of placing the books and other stationery at their places.

5. Traffic Police Role Play:


Traffic rules are very important for the preschool children. Teach your child some basic traffic rules and bus safety rules and ask them to act like a traffic police.

Help your kid to design signal boards, and vehicles using cardboards. This activity also improves their creative and crafting skills.

6. Chef Role Play:

Chef-Role-PlayThis role play gives you a chance to teach your kid some hygiene tips. Provide your kid the chef kit, play dough, and some play vegetables.

Teach your kid the basic hygiene tips like washing hands before cooking and washing fruits and vegetables. This activity enhances color identification skills and allows your child to know the names of various fruits and vegetables.

7. Businessman:


This role play allows your kid to know the real business set up and some responsibilities. It makes your kid to know some business terms like investors, board meetings, employees, etc.

8. The Explorer:


This is one of the best creative role play activities for 2 years old. This game is for the kids who has the curiosity to learn and see new places in the world. This game is recommended for kids who can read and write. It allows the kids to read the maps, pretend the distances between various countries through various means of transport.

This activity makes your kid to excel into a bright student. This activity makes learning more creative and interesting.

9. Baby Care Role Play:


This role play does not require much arrangement. It requires a doll and the imagination that takes them to build the setting.

Kids imitate their parents who take care of the little ones. Kids love to take care of their toys as the real ones. The imaginative nature of the kids allows them to dress the stuffed toy, feed them, take them to the school etc, hours together. This activity allows the kids to learn how to care and protect.

10. Fairy Tale Plays:


Fairy tales are the great way to ignite the imagination of the kids. Allow the kids to role play their favorite cartoon characters.

This is the great activity gives the kids a chance to remember and praise their favorite character. Encourage your kid to inculcate the moral in their fairy tale.

11. Play Ice Cream Shop:


There are no bounds for the imagination of the kids. Allow your kids to set up a ice cream stand and some ice cream cones. Ask your kids to use large pom pom balls as the scoop.

This activity improves the listening, talking, and looking skills of your child. This activity makes your child more familiar with the concept of trading.

12. Indoor Camping Role Play:


This is the best rainy day activity for the kids. This activity makes the kids entertained when they are stuck with the rainy weather.

In order to entertain the kids setup things related to indoor camping trip to crack the boredom and enhance the creative skills of your child.

Set up a tent with sleep bags, pillows, and a torch. Set up crockery with cooking utensils. Arrange some outside camp images to offer the real environment for the kids. This allows the child to escape from the busy life and get some relax.

13. Hair Saloon:

Girls love to make their toys sit in a high chair, and use some combs, and brushes for their toys.

This activity allows your little girl to get updated with the current trends and take care of their own hair.

14. Zoo Keeper:


Let the kids to gather their stuffed animals and arrange them in groups as per the category. Ask them to prepare some layout for their zoo and place their toy animals in their respective places.

Encourage your kid to distinguish between the wild and domestic animals.

15. Grocery Store Play Activity:


This activity requires a great set up. Allow your child to set up a table and mark the categories.

Help your child to set up the groceries. Help them in making the labels and maintaining the billing system. This activity promotes some basic math skills in your child. You can also find grocery store kits for your kid’s role play online.

16. Castles Role Play:


This role play allows you to teach some history lessons for your child. Encourage your child to build some castles with bed linen, cushions, and sticks. This makes them to enjoy being royals of the castles.

Allow each kid to take the turn of ruling the kingdom and make others as the people living in the kingdom. This role play allows the kids to learn some strategies and life skills that are required when they grow up.

17. Career Related Play Games for Kids:


Allow your child to imitate the career choices through imagination and expression. Develop some script depending on the career choices of your kid and let them to enact the roles in constructive manner.

This allows the child to know the advantages and limitations of their career choice. It teaches them necessary steps that are required to take them to the destination. Make sure to prepare the script focusing the aspirations of their career.

18. Bake House:


Allow your kids to design own bake house and bake goodies. Allow your child to make goodies and cookie with the cardboards.

Create a real bakery environment for the kids and let their imagination take them through amazing paths.

19. Post Office Role Play:


Allow your kids to make out a mailbox from the shoe or tissue box. Make your child to do some envelopes and write down the letters in various formats for friends and relatives. This teaches the kids letter writing and the role of the post offices which are losing their importance in recent days.

20. Pizza Parlor Role Play:


Both adults and kids love pizzas. This activity allows the child to know how pizzas are made and delivered to customers.

Allow your kid to make pizza slices, pizza boxes and encourage your child to pretend the kilometers to deliver the pizza on time. Children used to have lot of interaction for this activity. This activity gives the child an opportunity to know the functioning of pizza parlor.

21. Fire Rescue Role Play:


This role play teaches the kids how to respond in emergency situations. The process of putting out the fire, rescuing the people helps them to restore the sense of well being.

Allow your kid to play the role of little fireman and make them respond to the various imaginary emergency missions.

In conclusion, role play activities will allow your child to take their own choices. They help them to explore their imaginative skills and get a clear view of real world situations that happen around them.