17 Best Robot Movies For Kids


Kid’s love towards their favorite animated film can always go beyond. The beauty of the animated films is that they can keep the kids entertained and engaged hours together. Animated movies are a great way to introduce some real and fantasy characters to the kids.

Robots are the emerging characters of the science based technological world. There are many kid’s movies that added emotions to the robots to make them interesting. They can just give some hints to your little one about the artificial intelligence. We have picked some movies to sparkle up the interest and attention of your little one.

What Kids Will Learn From The Robot Movies?


Kids require more innovative skills to survive and move on in this competitive world. Movies always influence the attitude and the personality of your kid so be cautious while choosing the right film for your little one.

Here are a few other benefits that kids will get by watching some robot movies:

1. Creativity:

Robots encourage kids to consume the digital technology and become the producers of it. Instead of just playing with the toys that are brought from the stores, kids can create a toy on their own.

2. Develops interest in various subjects:

Most of the kids show their reluctance and try to escape from their classroom subjects. Robotics and the artificial intelligence help kids to get more actively involved with the learning. This will also help the kids to develop interest in the concept of STEM which is the integration of science, Technology, engineering and mathematics subjects. The concepts that kids learn from the robotics and AI will help them to go deep into the statistics and economics.

3. Learn problem-solving and teamwork:

Kids need to brainstorm with the math and science concepts to come up with the innovative and best solutions. This can teach the kids collaborative thinking and the productive ways to solve the problems.

4. Computational thinking:

Coding helps the early learners to learn the computational skills that can further ignite their cognitive skills and logical and sequential learning process. This thinking helps the kids know their abilities, spot and rectify their errors. It allows them move smoothly through various typical stages of life.

5. Learn to habituate persistence:

Learning coding can be complex task for the kids and may throw various challenges and may be frustrating to deal with the errors sometimes. Output can be achieved with the persistent efforts and practice. Required output teaches kids the importance of persistency in the work.

6. Understanding:

Children can better understand the world around them with the programming language. It is the best way to interact with the electronic media. Better understanding of the digital media can change the way they interact with the technologies and use them to more new possibilities.

7. Career:

Understanding of the robots and the programming can make the children develop the strong understanding of the STEM. This can further drive them to choose their career path.

8. Makes learning fun:

Applying their knowledge in live to build robot or AI application can make the learning more interesting. The best thing that you can help them do this is to encourage them to see what’s inside and how it works when they broke something. Exposure to the technology can help the kids expand their abilities and imagination and reap the benefits of the knowledge.

9. Hone programming skills:

Robotic education paves the way for the kids who are interested to take the science related course in the future. Working with the robots and the AIs greatly involve the coding and programming skills that are linked to the computer science.

10. Promotes the inclusivity:

Robotics is successful in keeping the kids with autism engaged. Robots offer the clean, consistent, calm, and the friendly environment for the kids to interact with.

Robot Movies For Kids:


We have picked up some robot movies that make your little one fall in love with the innovation, technology, and robots.

1. Wall-E:

This film was released in 2008. It was an American computer animated science fiction romantic film. It was produced by Pixar animation studios for walt Disney pictures. It was praised for its success in the animation, story, voice acting, and characters. It is also commercially successful movie.

The robots named WALL-E and EVE play an important role in this movie. The story revolves around the future of the planet and teaches recycling and reuse for the kids. This is a good choice to teach the value of the environment for the kids.

This movie was suitable for the kids above 5 years of age.

2. The Iron Gain:

It was 1999 American fiction film produced by the warner bros. It was comedy-drama film using both traditional and computer animation.

A young boy befriends an innocent Alien resembling the giant robot. Meanwhile, a Paranoid US government agent enters the town to destroy the giant. The story is all about the efforts of young boy to save the giant.

This movie is suitable for the kids above 6 years of age.

3. Robots:

It was a 2005 American computer animated steampunk comedy adventure film produced by the Blue sky studios and distributed by the 20th century Fox.

A young genius wants his robots to make the world a better place. In order to do so he has to travel to the city and must face a corporate autrocrat.

4. Cody the Robosapien:

Robosapien is the techno wonder created by the nice guy inventor for the rescue mission and to revolutionalize the world. But the evil industrialist turns to destroy the robot and destroys it badly. A precocious 12 year old boy, Henry, finds it and rebuilds it and renames it as Cody. The movies focuses on the relationship between the henry and the cody. It is a great movie to show the friendship between the human child and non human robot. It also shows how teamwork and sacrifice can change the people.

There is a little bit of violence with punches and pursuit by the armed security guards. But in total it is a good family movie and good to teach the creative skills for the kids above 6 years.

5. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

This movie was released in 2001 and is a computer animated science fiction movie. Parents should know that this film contains some action including explosions, crashes, falls, alien invasion, air battles, and spear-play. It also contains some violence in which the adults are abducted and beaten up by the three eyed monster. Your little one may find it scary.

The main theme of the story is that aliens fly over the earth with their watrships and abduct all the parents in jimmy’s hometown. Now it is jimmy’s role to rescue the abducted parents. The highlight of this movie is Jimmy’s invention of burping soda. A mechanical dog poops metal nuts, bolts, and the other mechanical parts is the funniest part of this movie.

It is suitable for the kids above 6 years of age.

6. Meet the Robinson:

If your little one is too curious they love to find this movie. The story is all about the genius orphan, Lewis, who tries desperately to meet his real mother. He and his friends often fell rejected at the orphanage. He nearly counted 124 couples who don’t end up adopting him. But still he is taken care of and encouraged by the adults. The Bowler Hat Guy has severe jealousy towards the Lewis and tries to spoil his future. Lewis then meets a stranger called Wilbur Robinson who speed ups his future in a time machine. They both team up to teach lesson to Bowler hat guy and the story ends with the unexpected twists.

This movie is suitable for the kids above 7 years of age.

7. Short circuit 2:

This movie has many positive messages. Knowledge, honest, friendship, and loyalty, and concern for others are the pillars of this movie. Most of the physical actions in this movie are cartoon like with no serious injury. In this movie there are hapless bad guys, pratfalls, trap door, and parachutes. The theme is all about the robot number 5 that runs into the risk by the thieves who tries to help his inventor Fisher Stevens. Stevens made this robot a big toy in the world of toy business. Unexpected and serious lengthy attack takes place on the robot Number 5 near the conclusion. He runs into the danger of memory crash after being smashed, battered, and broken. The suspense of this movie is centered on rebuilding efforts of this robot.

This is a good family movie and suitable for the kids above 8 years of age.

8. Zathura: a space adventure

A note to the parents is that this movie has the scary music and the sound effects. It is an adventurous movie released in 2005. A board game that is found in the basement of the newly occupied home leads to the fierce space battles with lizard like aliens. The story begins with the competitions and the resentments between the two young brothers aged 6 and 10 years. The father of these boys is divorced and their sister is distracted by the boys and the parties. The two boys to save themselves from the aliens use the obnoxious language. The theme revolves around the sibling rivalries, self esteem, and the efforts of the two brothers to look after each other.

This movie is suitable for the kids above 11 years of age.

9. 2001: A space Odyssey

This movie was released in 1969 and remained as the one of the boig budget Hollywood science fiction movies. This movie has the potential subject for the curious tweens and older kids. The film begins with a desolate time when the ape like predecessors begin to make the lives frightened. In a few short minutes, the story turns miraculous when the apes awoke and learn the discovery of the tools. The apes head their journey to the moon and soon they heads off to the Jupiter. It speaks about the evolving humans and their destiny.

This movie is best suited for the kids above 12 years and best platform to understand the evolution of the artificial intelligence.

10. Big Hero 6:

Big Hero 6 is an animated family movie released in the year 2014. The superhero comic characters in the movie are sure to attract the younger kids as well as the teens. The story focuses on the power of the brotherhood, friendship, and the value of the gifts that you offer the others. The main potential theme of the film is to cope with the grief as the main character’s beloved older brother dies early in the film. This sadness is hard to tolerate for the sensitive kids. There are sometimes argumentative talks take place between the movie’s scary super villain and the protagonists who injure but kill the people. The central robot named Baymax was designed to heal the hurt. It was designed with the moral code that is influences the other characters in more positive way. It is most fascinated interesting story for the entire family.

It is suitable for the kids above 7 years of age.

11. Astro Boy:

This is one of the best robot movies for kids and families. This adventurous animated and superhero movie was released in the year 2009 and is based on the 1960s anime series Astro Boy. There is wide range of action cartoon violence included in this movie ranging from the death of a child, to the destruction and explosion of the robots.

The story turns interesting when the Astro Boy, a robot was disowned by his creator and the journey goes on in the process of the identity and the self acceptance to become the greatest hero of all.

Nothing to worry about the language insults as it has a very few limited to idiot and is a goof family movie suitable for the kids above 7 years of age.

12. The Incredibles:

The Incredibles is a computer animated superhero movie released in the year 2004. It is the Pixar’s best ever animated movie that is successful in potraying the mature themes about the families in a way that is loved by both the adults and kids. There is quite bit more violence than in any other kid oriented animated movies. It has wide range of animated violence including the use of all weapons, explosions, deaths, wide spread destructions, and many more. It is one of the best robot movies for ever for kids.

The story turns around securing many lives. One man tries to jump off the building and the Mr. Incredible tries to save him. Many positive themes about the family are well explained in this film. With many family bonding themes, it remained as the must watch movie for the families and well suited for the kids about 7 years of age.

13. Sid the science kid:

The movie is set up in the museum, where the young characters explore the topics like weather, dinosaurs, and static electricity. The movie is successful in introducing the scientific jargon for the younger kids. The enthusiasm of the characters to learn the new things is immense and this can help your younger kids do the same. This movie is a great choice for the younger kids to know about the machines, weather patterns, and how the biological systems work.

14. Forbidden Planet:

It is the classic-B sci-fi movie released in 1956. Parents should note that this movie has some sexual scenes like kissing as the crew of the male astronauts encountered the woman for the first time. It has some brief movements of violence like ray guns shooting at the invisible guns. The spaceship’s cook has a robot that can cook 50 gallons of the bourbon, some of which the that cookman drinks.

With the abundant stuff from the space age, it is a must watch film for the kids above 8 years.

15. Roborex:

Roborex is a science fiction movie released in 2014. The main character is 11 years old child inventor. The story is all about the 12 years old inventive boy, James. He meets a robot dog that is sent from his future self to save the world from the evil designs of the professor Apocalypse. There is also some verbal bullying and taunting in the classroom. There are also some sad scenes when James and his father try to take over the death of James’ mother.

It is entertaining movie that is packed with the abundant technology and this movie is suitable for the kids above 9 years.

16. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The adventure Begins

It is released in 2000 and is an American direct to video animated action comedy adventure film. In this film, the space adventurer Buzz Lightyear loses his partner, Warp darkmatter and he started to work solo after taking a vow of not to put any other’s life at risk. Buzz’s commander Nebula opposes this Vow and finds Princess Mira Nova as his replacement. Meanwhile buzz’s enemy and the evil emperor Zurg plots to steal uni-mind valuable device without which the entire race is useless as it facilitates their collective thoughts.

17. Pinocchio 3000:

A childless Gepetto creates a robot that just looks like a boy. He invented a special device that can allow the robot to feel the human emotions. The mayor of the town Gepetto rules the city in a cruel and unforgiving way and he tries to use the super robot to destroy the nature. Gepetto seeks help from his faithful assistant, spencer the cyber penguin, and the holographic fairy cyberina. Before he could give heart for the super robot to feel the emotions, Cyberina insists that Pinocchio should learn the difference between right and wrong.