Chores To Do And Avoid During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the memorable stage in the life of every woman. Many questions may strike the women at this stage including what to eat and what not to, what to do and what not to. If you also have the similar questions then, it is a right place where you can learn many things about the chores during the pregnancy.

The chores are one of the essential parts that can decide the way how your pregnancy goes. Some of the daily chores may ease your delivery process whereas some others can bring in more complications in your pregnancy stage. Check out in detail about the chores to do and not to do during the pregnancy.

Is it safe to do house chores during pregnancy?


You need to maintain the balance between the work and the rest for the stress-free pregnancy. Strenuous and the sedative work are both not good for the health. Most of the household chores are assumed to be safe during the pregnancy.

House chores keep the pregnant woman active when performed in moderation. Chores further help you to ease the muscle movements during normal delivery time as you need to strengthen the pelvic and the thigh muscles to go through the labor pains.

Household chores that we can do during the pregnancy:


Here are a few household chores that are safe to do during the pregnancy:

1) Cutting and cleaning the vegetables and fruits:

It is one of the tasks that can be done with the less effort. Most of the women used to cut the vegetables when they are in standing position. Standing positions are not recommended for the pregnant woman. It is advised to sit in the chair while performing the tasks that take more time.

2) Cooking:

You can continue cooking at the home during the first and the second trimesters of the pregnancy. Follow these few tips to make the cooking process more easy during the pregnancy.

• Keep a chair nearby to sit whenever you feel tired
• Drink water if you are in the kitchen for more than an hour
• Cut the vegetables by sitting

3) Sweeping and mopping:

Sweeping and the mopping can be done with the little care. Picking the brooms and the mops with the long handles can help to avoid bending too much. Additional weight gain can put the stress on the body causing a marginal shift in the body’s center of gravity. A woman who performs the daily chores with the more bending actions are likely to injure the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to the leg. Tasks that require bending or standing for the prolonged hours are to be strictly avoided during the pregnancy.

Take rest for every 10-15 minutes to avoid the strain.

4) Cleaning bathroom:

Cleaning of the bathrooms can be performed by the expecting moms only if they have the access to the eco friendly cleaners. Using the harsh chemicals is not good during the pregnancy. White vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are the effective natural cleaners that are considered to be more safe during pregnancy. Always keep your cleaning time short and don’t spend hours together by bending or standing. If you feel uncomfortable leave that and take rest for some time.

Irrespective of the cleaning activity you are performing make sure to keep the windows opened to ensure the proper ventilation. This can help to improve the indoor air quality and eliminate the toxic vapors. Your skin becomes much more sensitive during the pregnancy so, wear the gloves. The skin becomes more prone to the skin allergies and infection when exposed to the products that have not used ever.

5) Washing of the utensils:

Cleaning the dishes and utensils is one of the safe activities during the pregnancy. But, ensure not to stand for not more than 20 minutes. Don’t try to lift and wash the heavy dishes and utensils.

6) Washing clothes by hand during the pregnancy:

You can try washing the delicate clothes with hand during the pregnancy. Light exercise is recommended for the pregnant women. But ensure to keep your back straight and put everything at certain height to avoid the need to bend. Never get exhausted by the chores.

Note: all the above chores should be performed by following the safety precautions if you don’t have any medical complications during pregnancy. Strictly avoid bending and climbing.

Chores to avoid during pregnancy:


Here are a few chores that women should avoid during the pregnancy:

1) Lifting heavy loads:

Women should avoid lifting the heavy loads during the pregnancy. In case if you are lifting the heavy object ensure to meet the caution guidelines. Lifting heavy objects is not safe especially during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. This is because of the fact that the hormonal changes may loosen the tough tissues in the joints and the pelvic floor. Loose muscles are more prone to stress. Lifting heavy loads during this span may lead to the miscarriage and the low birth weight.

The safe technique to pick up a heavy object is to bend at the knees not at the waist. Ensure to keep your back straight while bending at your knees and pushing up with your legs. Avoid the jerking or the sudden movements while lifting.

Avoid carrying your older child, a bucket of water, a bagful of the groceries, a gas cylinder and the other heavy things that can increase the strain on your back.

2) Vaccuming during pregnancy:

Vaccuming may be uncomfortable during the pregnancy and may injure the sciatica, a nerve that is running from the lower back through the entire leg. Moving the vaccum cleaner around the house may make you feel tired. Don’t try to change the filters as they contain the dust that may irritate your eyes and the lungs.

3) Avoid chemical heavy products:

Instead of using the harsh chemical products you can always keep the cleaners made from the natural products ready and store them in a bottle. Products including the mosquito spray, oven cleaner and the bleach have the noxious fumes. If you want to handle those bugs and dirty ovens and bathrooms use the alternatives. Use the ant chalks and the fly tape to get rid of the bugs. Use the vinegar, baking soda , and the lime solution as the cleaners for bathrooms.

4) Changing the litter box:

Litter boxes can expose you to the infections known as toxoplasmosis. Parasites in the cat poo are responsible for this infection. This infection may not be dangerous for you but, it can be harmful for your developing especially if you catch this in the early stages or during the pregnancy. You should get someone else to do this task.

It is must to wash the vegetables in case they are exposed to the soil that is contaminated with the cat poo.

5) Climbing:

It is good to avoid the chores involving the balancing and climbing. Don’t try to climb on the stools and the ladders. Seek support from someone, if you need the things from the loft or the upper shelf of your kitchen.

6) Cleaning the ceiling fan:

This is one of the house chores to avoid during pregnancy. Cleaning the ceiling fan involves climbing which is not good during the pregnancy. Pregnant women are more prone to the falls because of the change in the center of gravity.

The other similar activities like changing the curtains and cleaning the windows should be avoided.

7) Changing the electrical bulbs:

Trying to change the electrical bulbs and handling the other electrical things is not safe during the pregnancy. The occurrence of the accidental electrical shock may pose the dual challenge. There may be threat to the fetal well being.

Electrocution with the low voltage, low frequency current is associated with the fatal cardiac arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities. The main electrical caution to follow during pregnancy is not to touch the electrical things with the wet hands.

8) Bending :

Bending can be the extremely uncomfortable move during the pregnancy. It is fine to do at the first trimester of the pregnancy. During the first trimester, baby is too small to be affected by bending. Placenta and the stomach lining can help to protect your baby from the harm. It is safe to bend in the first trimester if you don’t have any complications. Limit the bending to pick up only light weight and the small things.

As your progress through the further stages of your pregnancy, your belly grows along with your baby. There are many risks of bending at this stage including falling, dizziness, heartburn, and back strain.

9) Standing for the long hours:

Research suggests that standing for the long hours during the pregnancy may curb the growth of the fetus. Women who worked between 25 to 39 hours a weeks have the babies with the smaller heads and low birth weight than compared with the women who worked under 25 hours.

10) Refinishing and moving the furniture:

Avoid refinishing the furniture during the pregnancy to avoid the exposure to the harsh chemicals. Most of the furniture components may contain the chemical solvents they include furniture strippers, paint removers, and varnish. These harsh chemicals may lead to the miscarriage and birth defects.

Moving the furniture and the other heavy objects may strain the back of the expectant mother. If there is a great need to refinish the furniture, use the products that are free from the solvents.

11) Back to back chores:

This is the most important thing to keep in mind during the pregnancy. Do not get into the chores continuously. Maintain enough gap between each chore and don’t rush into the hurry to do things on time. This may make you stresses and feel restless. Proper care to be taken while you approach the fourth month as the center of gravity changes you are more prone to falls.

Tips to be followed while doing the chores during pregnancy:

These tips and precautions are more important to protect your health as the well-being of the baby in the womb.

When to consult the doctor?

Consult your doctor, if you experience any of the following discomforts:

• Cramping
• Pain-like contractions
• Leakage or discharge
• Nausea and fatigue
• Lightheadedness
• Change in body temperature
• Blurred vision

In conclusion, avoid any kind of risks during the pregnancy and keep the activities too short and end them before you end up being tired. Follow the precautions and make your body ready for the labor process. Consult your doctor before doing any exercise or household chores.