17 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids To Ease The Hectic Mornings!


For school, birthday party, church and even for shopping attention-getting hairstyle can make your little girl feel more special. Whether short or long, curly or soft, kids always love to see them in different hairstyles that make them look more adorable.

Most of the moms simply follow the routine hairstyle with their little girl for various reasons including protection from the lice’, curly hair, runny and busy mornings and many other. Now your little girl is growing up and it is your responsibility to add some colors to their routine by bringing in some changes in their dressing and hairstyle. It can help them to be self-conscious and know more about the appearance

On the other hand, morning is the hectic part of the day. You may run around the home for getting kids dressed up, prepare the delicious breakfast, ensure that backpacks, and lunch bags are packed. Between all these chores, your little girl’s hair style often takes a backseat and sometimes it may find the hard time to get even brushed well. Check out the beautiful hairstyles that can fit various textures of the hair that can be done in less than five minutes if organized well.

How to get your child to sit still:


While you are planning to try different hair styles with your kid, the most important thing to keep in mind is they should sit still for more time so that you can easily brush their hair. Here are a few steps that can help you to make the process easier:

1. Get the right hair product:

It may be difficult to brush your child’s hair if they have the curly hair. Using the shampoo with the double formula or a detangler can make brushing hair become a breeze.

2. Find out the detangling brush:

Kids with curly hair may have the difficulty while combing their hair. The sight of the hairbrush may make some kids run screaming in the opposite direction. Try a detangling brush that can work well with your child.

3. Distraction plays a role:

Engage your child with the TV and other electronics. These can help you to make your child sit at a place without moving here and there. When you decide for the braid hairstyle, bribe them to sit with their mobile watching their favorite show. You can also choose a position that is closer to the TV and make them sit still. These two techniques will surely work well with most of the kids.

4. Create a saloon setup:

Create a hairstyle station near the dressing mirror with all the hair accessories at your home. Make them look more attractive. Take the suggestions of your child and implement them with little modifications while braiding their hair. This simple trick can indulge the interest in them and make them to sit still for more time.

5. Make their hair free from knots:

Ensure that your kid’s hair is free from knots and tangles before you try different hairstyles for them. The best thing that you can do is to put your child’s hair into the basic braid that can minimize the knots. This can make the task of brushing the hair easier. You can spend more time on the hairstyle if the time taken to brush their hair is minimized.

6. Sit to braid the hair when it is wet:

It is much easy to detangle and deal with the wet hair. Choose to do the hair style when it is slightly wet. Make their hair smoother by applying natural coconut oil at least twice a week.

Simple Hair styles for kids:

Here are a few simple and easy hair styles that can make your child to look more cute and adorable.

1. Half up side buns!

Half-up-side-bunsThis is a very simple hairstyle with just two hair bands matching your child’s dress color. In contrast the regular side buns hair style it looks so unique and adorable. Brush their properly free from the knots and make it such way minimizing your struggles minimizing the hairstyle at the end of the day.

2. Flower Crown:


A flower crown can make your little girl look more adorable instantly. This hair style is more perfect for the birthday parties, weddings, picnic, or even the outdoor parties. Choose the crown that is softer and good to go even with the curly hair.

3. Twisted high ponytail:


No need to worry about the knots that come in the way while you put your little girl’s hair in the ponytail. This smarter way can help to keep your girl’s hair free from the knots and saves your time for the next hair style.

Take out a thin strand from the high ponytail and twist it around the pony all the way and put a hair band near the edge.

TIP: you can even twist the entire pony all along the way and tie it with a small hair band.

4. French braid:


This is the common hairstyle but can be a perfect hairstyle for the school and even for the parties. This hairstyle is sure to fit with any kind of dress with proper hair accessories.

This hairstyle requires 3 braids of the hair to be combined to make the braid beginning from the crown of the head till the end.

5. Side twist hair style:


This is pretty simple hairstyle and can make your little girl look cute. Simply take few strands of the hair from either sides and twist them. Bring the twisted strands to the center and lock them there with nice hair clips.

This hairstyle can go well with the frocks and a simple party hairstyle.

TIP: to make it more attractive put butterfly one or more butterfly clips along the way of the twisted hair.

6. Braid band


The braided crown is the simple easy hair style and takes a very little time. Take a few strands from one side and make medium sized braid and put it to the other side just like a head band.

TIP: without simply just leaving the rest of hair you can also make a high ponytail.

7. Multi braided side ponytail:


Take few strands to make braids from the multiple positions from the front of the scalp. Combine these small braids in the side pony and use a ribbon or colorful hairband to tie it.

8. Top Knot:


Say bye to all the tangles. This hairstyle perfectly fits for your toddler with the long hair. This hairstyle can be organized in two ways. You can take the entire to tie a knot at the top. The other way is to take a small portion of the hair to tie a knot at the top and leave the rest of the hair.

9. Tied up braids:


This hairstyle is very easy and it is just the extension to the usual braids that you put to your child regularly. Bring the pigtails to the opposite sides and secure them with the some colorful clips. That’s all! no need to gauge yourself for some typical hairstyles.

10. Pigtail braids:


This hairstyle makes your little one look more cute. The ribbons tied at the top of the each braid make it further cute. This type of hairstyle can be easy to go during the summer. No need to worry about the irritation any more.

TIP: the muggy summer may irritate your baby. Roll the each braid and secure them with small clips.

11. Side Braided ponytail:


This hair style is more unique and perfect for the kids with the even curly hair.

Make small puffs and knot some colorful hair ties all the way through the side ponytail. It looks beautiful for any kind of dress.

12. Disney Bun:


Is there any kid who doesn’t love Disney characters? NO, right! Let your little girl to show off the glitter in their eyes with this simple Minnie hair style. It is one of the best natural hairstyle ideas for kids. Show it off with the pink colored glitter hair clips.

13. Ponytail braid:


This is one of the simple kids natural hairstyles that is similar to the ponytail and it can be created in just a few minutes. Your little girl looks more adorable in this adorable hairstyle that is secured with the multicolored hair clip at the end.

14. Step braided crown tail:


This hairstyle seems to be unique and fits well for any kind of dress. You can use the hair clips at the joining of the braids instead of hair ties.

If your little girl has the curly hair, then you simply use the twists in the place of the braids.

15. Side lace braid:


This is the simple braid that gives your little girl adorable look while hanging down along the lose hair. Divide the small portion of the side hair into two small portions and add few strands to the braid for the support and secure lace braid at the end with the small hair tie.

16. Double Dutch Wrap:


This is very flexible and the easy to do hairstyle with your kid. This hair style can be carried out by taking small portions of the hair on the both sides. Start the Dutch braid from the top of the scalp and secure it with the hair tie when it reaches the nape of the neck. After securing them with the elastic bands, press them to give the fluffier look.

You can make this hairstyle look more adorable by putting some small clips.

17. Braided bun:


This hairstyle can help you to break the messy morning. It is one of the natural hairstyles for babies. This is simple easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is simply brush the hair properly and get the strands ready for the braid. Keep your little one’s hair free from the tangles by keeping their hair in the simple braid.

Section the hair equally to the both sides from the center. Make out the braids from the strands on the either side of the dividing section and roll them to make a puff. Finally secure them with the hair tie.

Don’t over pull your child’s that may hurt them. This can also weaken the roots of the hair. Hair care is important for your little girl. Always use the hair care products that are designed especially for the kids.