11 Useful Ways To Prevent Daycare Sickness In Kids


Children in daycare are more likely to become sick. But once they start the school they are less likely to fall ill. This article takes you through the things that you should know to protect your kid from sickness.

The most common reason that makes children sensitive to ill conditions is their immature immune system. Children can easily get the bacteria from the infected child. Even the cleanest daycare centers may cause infections when the children put their dirty hands and toys in mouth.

This article discusses the daycare sickness. It presents the tips and ways to avoid sickness in Daycare.

What is Daycare Sickness?


Daycare settings are the platforms for various infections including cold, stomach bugs, pink eye, ear infections etc. Whenever the kids are together it increases the chance of spreading infections and diseases.

Especially infants and toddlers are under the risk of infections due to the immature immune system and lack of awareness of the hygiene habits.

Reasons for Daycare Sickness:


Here are a few reasons for the Infant Daycare Sickness:

1. Poor hygiene:

  • Poor or lack of hygiene daycare environment may contribute to various infections in your child like fever , flu, stomach pain etc.
  • Children at the daycare centers do not wash their hands and put them often in their mouth

2. Children keep their hands in mouth:

Infants and toddlers often keep their dirty hands and contaminated toys in the mouth which may lead to mouth infections and stomach upset. Some of the most common viruses like hepatitis spreads when you eat or drink something that is contaminated even with tiny amounts of fecal matter. It was estimated that daycare centers contribute to about 14% of the hepatitis infections.

3. Children may come in contact with the another infected child:

It is more common for the kids in the day school environment to come in contact with other children infected with cold, eye infection, skin infections etc. Children use the same toys that are touched by the infected child.

Ways To Avoid Sickness In Daycare:


Here are a few ways to avoid sickness in daycare:

1. Boost Immunity:

Healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and nuts along with the proper sleep will contribute in strengthening your kid’s immune system.

2. Teach your child healthy habits:

Teach your child some hygiene and healthy habits like washing hands before eating, and ask them not to put their hands and toys in the mouth. Make the children to practice these good habits at home.

Children should wash their hands in the following cases:

  • After playing in the water that is used by the other children
  • After playing in sand boxes or toys
  • After using a toilet
  • Before eating snacks and meals

3. Ensure that the daycare staff are following hygiene principles:

Health of your daycare child depends on the hygiene habits of the daycare staff as well. Make sure that the daycare staff wash their hands frequently especially in the following scenarios:

  • Before feeding the child
  • After reaching the facility
  • After checking or changing diapers
  • After eating or using the restrooms
  • After wiping the runny noses, spit ups, and drool
  • Before and after giving medicines to child
  • After handling the waste baskets or garbage
  • After handling a pet or other animal

In order to see whether the staff are meeting these scenarios visit or stay for sometime to monitor the hygiene habits of the staff.

4. Know the sick policy of the daycare:

Most of the daycare centers require the parents to pick up their children when they are sick. Understand and agree with the daycare’s sick policy. Check with the staff whether they have any means to drop their kids at home if the parents fail to pick their children.

Some daycare centers recommend the sick child to stay at home in order to prevent it from spreading to other children. Here are a few conditions under which the child is advised to stay at home:

  • Fever above 101 degree Fahreheit accompanied by the symptoms like sore throat, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea etc.
  • Vomiting more than 2 times over the duration of 24 hours.

Some daycare centers allow the kids with sickness but they isolate the sick kid in a separate room away from the other kids. Make sure that these kids are given proper attention and they are not ignored.

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5. Check with the immunization record:

Constantly check with the immunization record of your child. Some daycare centers need the record of your child’s immunization even before joining. Some states may follow the database to ensure the whether the vaccines are up to date or not. If your child’s daycare does not follow this , advocate them to implement it.

Ensure that the daycare staff are vaccinated against the life threatening illness as they do not have the health insurance.

6. Check for the cleanness of the toys:

Many daycare centers adopt the rule of cleaning all the toys once a day. Ensure that the daycare staff are conscious that they do not allow the children to touch the toys which are contaminated by the other children.

7. Control Cross Contamination:

Your infant may put everything in mouth and may come in contact with the other infected child. Teach your kid some hygiene habits to avoid cross contamination. Make your child to eat to eat the snacks and meals with spoon. Keep a hand sanitizer in your child’s bag and ask them to use it regularly when they come in contact with the foreign things or after the washroom visit.

8. Keep your child active every day:

This is one of the best ways to deal with daycare sickness. Regular and moderate exercises will help to keep your kid away from the episodes of cold and flu. Exercises will help in boosting the immune system of your child thereby keeps them active and away from the infections.

9. Ensure that the dirty surfaces at the daycare are properly sanitized:

Ensure that your child’s daycare center has the staff who often clean the bathrooms, nap mats, and lunch tables regularly. Door knobs also need the proper attention to prevent daycare illness.

10. Know the regulations and standards of the daycare:

Check whether your kid’s daycare has proper licensing regulations as directed by the specific state. Know the standards and health and safety practices that the daycare follows. Ensure whether the daycare has well trained staff or not.

11. Make a plan:

You might come across the when your kid can not go to daycare centers. Keep the backup ready to take care of your kid or check for your flexibility at the work that whether do you have work from option or time off to leave when you need to? You and your partner can take turns to look after the sick child.

In conclusion, know what’s going on at your kid’s daycare centre and protect them from the germs and infections by adopting healthy and hygiene tips.